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The Role of the Prosecution in a Domestic Violence case in Texas

Domestic Violence Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains the role that the prosecution plays in Domestic Violence cases and how he creates a unique defense to make sure his clients have the best possible outcome.

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Transcription below:

“In dealing with a domestic violence case, you have to understand that the prosecutor automatically believes your client did it, that they are guilty of the crime they have been arrested for. One of the things that I try to do is to take my client’s case off the prosecutor’s radar; give the prosecutor a reason to not want to prosecute my client. As a domestic violence attorney, I will send my client to get a family violence assessment. That assessment will make various recommendations. It could be anger management classes, possibly could be some alcohol classes, something that will be a benefit to my client. And my clients may say, ‘Well, does this make me look guilty?’ Well no. Doing these things helps put your case in the best position that we can, so when I got to the prosecutor and I’m asking them to do something, they look at you and they see that this person has done what they can to prove to me that they will never be in my court again. And if we can do that, that gets my client to their ultimate goal.”

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