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Note to Parents

Even the best parents can’t predict what path their children will take in life. Having a child get into legal trouble is extremely stressful for the entire family. Children make mistakes, and while they must be held accountable for their actions, it shouldn’t jeopardize their futures.

If your child is attending a college or university such as the Univesity of Texas, Austin Community College or St. Edwards, they are already going through a challenging time without having to worry about legal troubles. Attorney Kevin Bennett is here to take care of your daughter or son’s legal problems allowing them to focus on what they are here at college to do, which is to learn and achieve their goals.

Many of the families Kevin Bennett works with have little to no previous encounters with law enforcement or experience with the criminal justice system. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett takes the time to walk people facing criminal charges through the criminal justice process. Attorney Kevin Bennett personally informs clients about the possible penalties they face, explains the cirminal process in Travis County, and makes sure that the client knows that they are not alone.

Mr. Bennett is more than happy to keep parents informed as to the status of their child’s case, as long as the child consents to revealing such information, so as not to violate the child’s right to confidentiality.  Mr. Bennett has found that most of his young clients are supportive of their parents participating in this process.

If your son or daughter has recently been arrested and / or charged with a criminal offense, taking proactive measures can benefit you and your family immensely. In addition, retaining legal representation can ensure that caring and capable hands are always nearby and available to your needs and concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don’t take a chance with your child’s future when he or she faces criminal charges. Contact a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney in Austin who has handled hundreds of cases for students and other young defendants. You can rest assured that the Law Office of Kevin Bennett will work hard and skillfully to obtain the best results possible given the circumstances of your child’s case.

At The Law Office of Kevin Bennett, Kevin Bennett has experience defending students against DUIs, marijuana possession charges, shoplifting, and many other common offenses committed by young defendants. This firm will offer your child the best defense possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact The Law Office of Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626 to speak with an attorney.