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In order for an individual to be arrested, the arresting officer must have valid probable cause to believe the suspect is guilty of a crime, or law enforcement must have a signed court order, giving them the authority to conduct an arrest. If you have been arrested without the presence of either of these requirements, contact an Austin criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the laws regarding warrants and warrantless arrests.

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Warrants and Summons in Austin

An arrest warrant is a court ordered document signed by a judge that gives law enforcement the authority to place an individual under arrest. By law, if the warrant is not signed by a judge, it is invalid.  Article 15.26 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure says that anytime a law enforcement officer serves a warrant, he or she must notify the individual that they are being arrested pursuant to a warrant.

In some cases, a judge will issue a summons which will notify the defendant that he or she is to appear in court at a specific date and time. If the individual fails to appear in court at the time, a bench warrant will be issue for his or her arrest. A bench warrant differs from an arrest warrant in the sense that a bench warrant is used when an individual violates a court order, while an arrest warrant is issued when an individual has allegedly committed a criminal offense.

How Can I be arrested if the Officer Doesn’t Have a Warrant?

Although a warrant is usually required for a law enforcement official to carry out an arrest, there are some circumstances in which police officers can execute an arrest without one. According to Article 14 of the Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure, some of these scenarios include:

  • The officer witnessed a criminal offense
  • The officer believes the suspect has violated a protective order
  • The suspect was in possession of stolen property and the officer believes the suspect was responsible for the theft
  • The suspect gives a voluntary statement to police, which gives them probable cause to believe he or she is guilty of a felony
  • Law enforcement has probable cause to believe the suspect committed a felony and is fleeing

In some cases, law enforcement officials who make warrantless arrests, do so without following proper procedure, or without having valid probable cause. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Austin, you may be able to successfully argue that your arrest was unjust, which could lead to a dismissal of the charges against you. 

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