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Penalties of a Second Offense DWI (Misdemeanor) in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, outlines the enhanced consequences that you could be facing if you’re charged with your second DWI.

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Transcription below:

“If you’ve been arrested for a DWI 2nd, that means you’ve been convicted of a DWI previously. When you’re facing a DWI 2nd, the stakes are much higher. Immediately when you’re at the jail, you will find that your bond has been set higher than it was the first time. Judges will oftentimes put additional conditions on a DWI 2nd offenders bond, such as an inter-lock device; a breathalyzer on somebody’s vehicle. They will also order mandatory alcohol counseling, and in some cases, even what we call a SCRAM device. That’s an ankle monitor that monitors their blood 24/7 to make sure that they’re not consuming alcohol. The penalty that you face for a 2nd time DWI is up to a year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine, enhanced driver’s license suspension, and enhanced Texas Transportation Code fines that run into the thousands of dollars. Not only is the punishment range higher, but the prosecution on the other side knows that you’ve been convicted of a DWI previously, and maybe you didn’t learn your lesson. So they feel that you are a higher risk to those on the roadway.”

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