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Penalties of a First Offense DWI (Misdemeanor) in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, outlines the consequences that you could be facing when you are charged with a first offence DWI.

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Transcription below:

“There’s various classifications of DWI offenses in Texas. Probably your most common one is Class B Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated. If you’ve found yourself facing DWI charges of a Class B Misdemeanor, you face 72 hours to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine. You also face the suspension of your driver’s license and you also face thousands of dollars in, what we call, Texas Transportation Code fines. Sometimes that’s not even the worst penalty associated with a DWI arrest. Sometimes the worst penalty is actually being convicted of DWI and the consequences that that has to the rest of your life; whether that’s employment, or housing, or any other opportunities that you want in your future.”

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