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The Law Office of Kevin Bennett Testimonials

I found Mr. Bennett in a general search for lawyers servicing central Texas as I had a very old personal matter that needed to be taken care of. In the search, he had high remarks and I truly understand why. Mr. Bennett walks you through the process (of what he will do) and sets realistic expectations of possible outcomes. His results speak for themselves as I am a (former) client giving him five stars!

Djenira Williams Google review by Djenira Williams

Kevin Bennett did his best in getting my case dismissed. He has dealt with my case very professionally and advised me the right path to deal with the case. He is knows what he is doing and he doesn't give any false promises and he takes the necessary steps in getting the case dismissed. He is always reachable and will highly recommend him. I would rate him 5/5

Sandeesh Reddy Google review by Sandeesh Reddy

Very professional and very informative. I would definitely trust my case with Mr. Bennett and tell others to do so as well!

Jimmy Perez Google review by Jimmy Perez

Kevin is very attentive, responsive, and takes quick action.. He navigated my family member's case seamlessly through a pandemic and got both cases dismissed. Very grateful for his guidance and calmness navigating the nuances of the legal system in Travis county. I highly recommend him.

Christopher Stansbury Google review by Christopher Stansbury

A few months ago, I was asked to help find an attorney for a relative who was ticketed with a cannabis possession. Based on other reviews, I suggested Kevin Bennett. Despite being an attorney myself, I learned how hard it can be to choose an attorney based solely on reviews. I'm pleased to say that my relative was extremely happy with Kevin's services. From what I know about the representation, Kevin is everything you would want in a good attorney -- his communication is excellent, his advice is candid, his experience and skill are top notch, and his fees are reasonable. I know that there are so many attorneys who give the rest of us a bad name, but Kevin is definitely one of the good guys. With him, you get professionalism and honesty. That's everything!

Rita A Google review by Rita A

I am very happy I hired Kevin Bennett to be my attorney. He changed my life by having my case dismissed. It means everything to me because I just had my first baby and really need to be there for her. I highly recommend that you look no further than this man. Thank you very very much.

Chad Lanum Google review by Chad Lanum

I highly recommend Mr. Bennett's office as he will do a great job in explaining what your best options are and get the job done as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to reach out!!

Elizabeth Calleja Google review by Elizabeth Calleja

Kevin Bennett is absolutely the best Attorny you can hire in Austin for criminal cases.He is very knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Bennett always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. We are very grateful that Kevin Bennett got my husbands felony and misdemeanor case dismissed. Thank you so much

Petra Lawter Google review by Petra Lawter

I found Kevin through a simple Google search and I couldn't have been more pleased with his work. He charged a flat fee for his services and it turned out to be money well spent. I can now focus my life on the things that matter.

Jeff Mailey Google review by Jeff Mailey

I am a police officer with 45 years experience in Florida; I have a son in Austin who got hit with a DUI probation violation warrant. From my career I know about the law and all of the intricate facets of arrest, prosecution, probation and the difficulties there are for someone going through that ordeal. Being far away, I spent a lot of time researching attorneys for my son and I spoke to several over the phone to get their opinions and see how they handled a discussion about my son's case facts. Immediately Attorney Kevin Bennett jumped to the top of the list of preferences. Within an hour of speaking to him he met with my son in Travis County jail, who made the final approval for his representation. The case was given to Mr. Bennett and within 2 days he had a resolution which worked out very well. He researched the original DUI arrest and the new probation violation allegations, then worked with probation and the judge and worked a miracle. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a small office that deals with clients directly, fairly, quickly, honestly and with true compassion and professionalism. We Thank You Kevin

Tom Smith Google review by Tom Smith

Mr.Bennett is a phenomenal attorney that shows great care and diligence to his work. As my first attorney, he assured me that he'll take care of everything and anything, indeed he did as my case has been dismissed! If you ever find yourself in any criminal trouble, Kevin Bennett is the attorney to call!

Jediahel Ortiz Google review by Jediahel Ortiz

We were incredibly pleased with Kevin's help. He knows the laws and what to expect out of the judges. The case proceeded as Kevin had explained to a happy resolution on our part. There were no surprises and no hidden fees. Kevin was very responsive, going out of his way to keep us informed.

Elizabeth Williams Google review by Elizabeth Williams

Handled my case in the best possible manner and thankful to have my case dismissed, all without me having to leave the comfort of my city

Ruben Cristobal Google review by Ruben Cristobal

I appreciate the work Kevin has done for me.

Thomas Register Google review by Thomas Register

I strongly would recommend this attorney to anyone looking for expert, experienced representation from someone who is also extremely respectful and knowledgeable. I'm overjoyed at what he was able to accomplish for me. Kevin takes the time to clearly explain every potential outcome and he accurately outlines expectations as to which outcomes are least likely, which are common, and which he will strive for. He also has consistently has been extremely easy to get in touch with--promptly and thoroughly responding to every inquiry. Thank you again Kevin.

Miach Gedeon Google review by Miach Gedeon

If you need an attorney you can trust and get you results look no further! Kevin helped me navigate the legal system with clarity, respect and kindness regardless of how I came to need his expertise. Kevin's knowledge of the court system and laws are outstanding and any question I asked, tedious or not he answered professionally and broke it down if needed. Kevin protected the future of my career and restored my faith that there are good people. He was quick to respond (even during the holidays) he was always patient and an advocate for justice. I am eternally grateful for him as a person and as an attorney.

April Stansbury Google review by April Stansbury

Kevin is a great guy,quick to respond and get things done! Appreciate his kindness and timely approach.

Mary Massey Google review by Mary Massey

Finding Kevin Bennett to represent me was the best thing to happen in a bad moment in my life. He is very professional and knowledgable! He is will go above and beyond to help you with any questions or concerns you may have and makes you feel like a friend. I have referred him many times and will continue to. Definitely one of the best Lawyers you can find! Thank you so much Kevin.

Amanda Holmes Google review by Amanda Holmes

Kevin did an exceptional job for me in my case. 10/10 responsiveness and highly trustworthy. Absolutely recommend.

Jason Reiver Google review by Jason Reiver

I hired Mr. Bennette's services from North Carolina for my son living near the Austin area. Mr. Bennette's dedication, knowledge and experience in law helped my son receive a favorable outcome. Words can't explain how grateful we are with Mr. Bennette's Law Office and professional staff. Would definitely recommend his services because he is such a passionate attorney that only has your best interest in mind.

Noraida Rios Google review by Noraida Rios

I can't go into details, but Mr Bennett delivered. His services were worth every penny.

Adriel Lopez Google review by Adriel Lopez

Kevin Bennett is definitely the best attorney in Austin for criminal defense cases. He takes your case personal and is very quick to communicate with you. He does an amazing job in representing you, and will do his best to lead to a positive outcome. 10/10 recommend to anyone.

hohenheim Google review by hohenheim

I found Kevin just by googling Austin area attorneys and reading reviews. Kevin's law office had excellent reviews and after using his services I can attest that he lives up to his good reviews. Kevin was very responsive and communicated every detail to me and what I should expect during the process. Would certainly recommend his services to others.

Cameron Goodwin Google review by Cameron Goodwin

Mr. Bennett is a very professional attorney who is well-versed in law. He was able to get my case dismissed when I thought it was not possible. The day I met him, he was very upfront and advised that my case would not be dismissed (this was my fault), but he would get me the best outcome possible. He exceeded my expectation. One word of advice. If you hire Mr. Bennett as your attorney, do EVERYTHING he advises you to do and do it quickly. It really makes an impact on the overall case. I did everything he advised as soon as I could and I really believe it helped. He always responds in a timely manner. This was an overall positive experience. Thank you again.

Jessica Diaz Google review by Jessica Diaz

First off I want to thank Mr. Bennett for the positive outcome of my case. From day 1 til the end of the process he fought for me for almost 2 yrs and managed to get a favorable result. He is very professional and kept me posted and informed every step of the way. When all hope was lost he was that beacon of light that shined at the end of the tunnel. I am very grateful and definitely would highly recommend his services.Thank you again Mr. Bennett and God bless you.

Federico Perez Google review by Federico Perez

Kevin is a great attorney. I would refer family and friends should anyone I know every need representation. Thank you and Happy Holidays Kevin :)

Jessica Marie Google review by Jessica Marie

Mr. Bennett has an amazing understanding of the judicial system and really knows how to handle criminal cases. I was put in a weird situation and my future was almost jeopardized over a lie. I was nervous and trusted Mr. Bennett with my case and he was thorough and on point with every step. Mr. Bennett made sure I was aware of every step of the process. Mr. Bennett also told me right off the bat that he obviously cant promise any results. However, he did promise he would work hard to find the best resolution for my case and showed me that there are people out there that still keep their word.

Austin McVay Google review by Austin McVay

Kevin is a great Lawyer and I would recommend him to everyone! He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always very responsive.

Caitlin B Google review by Caitlin B

Kevin did a great job and I had a positive experience/outcome.

Wayne Wolters Google review by Wayne Wolters

If you need an attorney you can trust and get you results look no further! Kevin Bennett helped me navigate the legal system with clarity and respect. Kevin's knowledge of the court system and laws, helped me get an EARLY expunction. Kevin protected the future of my career and restored hope that there are good people. He was quick to respond, always patient and an advocate for justice. Kevin is worth every penny he charges. I am eternally grateful for him as a human being and as an attorney.

Manny Santibanez Google review by Manny Santibanez

Kevin has helped me tremendously! I believe in the saying you get what you pay for, Kevin goes above and beyond and truly understands his clients. He is flexible on his pay structure and will get you what you need in a timely fashion. Dont use anyone else!

Mike Manor Google review by Mike Manor

I got involved in a family violence misdemeanor case in early 2020. As I am an immigrant here getting involved in such a case was devastating for me and my family. Mr. Kevin Bennett initially bailed me out. Then me and my family talked with several other lawyers but we decided to go with Mr. Bennett with the FV case as he looked more potent for such a case. After almost two years (it took more than usual time because of the pandemic) Mr. Bennett delivered a DISMISSAL for me which looked impossible when it all started. He is a SAVIOR for me. I would recommend him anytime every time for your legal help. True professional with all the things you need in your attorney.

Farukh Syeed Google review by Farukh Syeed

I would like to first thank Mr. Bennet for his services and also provide some insight to anyone interested in hiring an attorney. My daughter got into some trouble when she was younger and had a couple felonies pending as she straighten her life up and move forward. Needless to say these felonies are no longer an issue has Mr. Bennet was able to get both of them dismissed. My daughter is now moving forward with life and making better decisions. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what he has done for my daughter and also how much I appreciate the honesty and professionalism. Without a doubt I would recommend him to anyone facing charges and wanting to move forward in a different direction with life. Thank you again sir!

James gloger Google review by James gloger

I had two DWIs and a felony charge. I ended up with just 18 months of probation. Kevin would respond to every question I had for him and even in about an hour. He would always explain things clearly.

Stephanie Verner Google review by Stephanie Verner

Kevin Bennett is BY FAR the best attorney I have ever had. He got my DWI dismissed when no one thought it could be done. He is very genuine, honest, and looks over your case himself. He doesnt pass it on to assistants or anything like that. If you want and amazing attorney, and want to get the best bang for your buck, choose this guy!He does wonders!!

Morgan Taylor Google review by Morgan Taylor

Mr.Bennett really took care of me every step of the way. I actually feel like he has a personal interest in the well being of his clients. I was amazed and relieved at the outcome of my case. Not only would I choose to have Mr.Bennett represent me in the future, I would also recommend him to any of my family and friends.

Ray DeAnda Google review by Ray DeAnda

Mr. Bennett turned what would have been a nightmare and a mistake into the best possible outcome. I won't go into the specifics of my situation however, I now trust no one other than the law office of Kevin Bennett with any legal matters.

Moses Espinoza Google review by Moses Espinoza

Kevin is class act, very professional, and got me the best possible outcome on my case. If your in Travis county hire him, you wont regret it.

Joel Wiedel Google review by Joel Wiedel

Mr. Kevin Bennett is the absolute best! Going to him was the best decision I could have made for myself.

Hector Mejia Google review by Hector Mejia

Kevin Bennett helped our barely 18 year-old-family member navigate the legal system with grace and respect. With clarity and kindness he helped this person take responsibility and guided her through the essential changes she needed to make to improve her life. She made those changes and Kevin, through his knowledge of the court system and laws, helped the State to recognize her efforts. As a result of her effort and Kevins wisdom, her charges were dropped. Kevin protected the future of this young girl and restored hope to her life. He was quick to respond, always patient and an advocate for justice. Kevin is worth every penny he charges. The family is eternally grateful for him as a human being and as an attorney.

Pat Handly Google review by Pat Handly

Great attorney, gets the job done extremely fast, super responsive. Would recommend to anyone.

James Guerra Google review by James Guerra

Kevin is a Fantastic Atty. He is communicative and knows his way around the court. Very experienced and responds quickly. I highly recommend him and his services.

Dennis Maldonado Google review by Dennis Maldonado

Best of the best!

Jay Escobar Google review by Jay Escobar

Kevin was professional, informative, and very responsive. I would highly recommend this law office.

J R Google review by J R

Kevin has been wonderful to work with and has addressed very professionally and effectively the purposed for which I retained him!

Derek Hardison Google review by Derek Hardison

We contacted Kevin Bennett to assist us with legal counsel. He went above and beyond expectations!! We are extremely happy with his fantastic service!! If you are looking for an extraordinary phenomenal lawyer, who is honest, professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, answer all your questions in great precise details, always provides updates as soon as they became available, Kevin Bennett is the man!!After hiring the best and we sincerely mean the best!! We can truly understand and personally justify that all his reviews are honest and sincere. We can only imagine the numbers will keep increasing with 5 star reviews at an extraordinary pace!!We highly recommend Kevin for any legal issues you, a family member, and/or a friend might have, please dont hassitate not even for one second to give him a call, after talking to him you will also understand why Kevin Bennett is the best!! Highly recommend him!! Thanks Kevin!!!!

Alex M. Google review by Alex M.

I had a complex case when my wife isolated herself in our house and did nothing but sabotage and was recording all my actions and reactions for over a period of one year.Then, we had altercation, she called the police. She added lies to give more flavors to her case and provided her recording evidences to the prosecution. Worse the police affidavit has lot of incorrect information.Interesting enough, the first thing my wife asked after the altercation where she can find the lien document of the house. For a house that is paid off, why somebody would ask for the lien. Of course, that shows how much she was manipulated to destroy her own family.Anyway even with these insurmountable evidences against me, Kevin was able to reach the best outcome for me. I am grateful to God first and I am grateful to Kevin. He was extremely professional throughout the entire process and answered all the questions and concerns I had. Stay out of trouble, but if you are in trouble, reach out to Kevin.

Abu Yusuf Google review by Abu Yusuf

We hired Kevin Bennett for a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was looking at time with my record not being the best and Kevin got it down to a misdemeanor with 2 years probation. 100% recommend Kevin Bennett

chelsie thompson Google review by chelsie thompson

I had called in and talked to a very sweet pleasant voice receptionist receptionist who didn't even question me and got me straight to the attorney Kevin and I just had 3 general questions. He wasn't pushy nor was he Impatient and answered my questions without an issue.. Pretty easy going sounding and honest guy

M C Google review by M C

Mr. Bennett was quick to respond, professional and very helpful. Highly recommended!

Yehiel Vilenchik Google review by Yehiel Vilenchik

The absolute BEST decision I ever made was dropping my previous attorney(Dunham Law) and hiring Kevin Bennett to handle my 2nd DWI case!!! There's definitely a reason why every single review on here is 5 stars!!! I originally hired Dunham Law(DO NOT USE THEM, they are AWFUL) and after 2.5 yrs, with no BAC on file at all whatsoever, I still had not even gone to court, and the Prosecutors were only offering to charge me with a 2nd DWI, but with punishments of a 1st DWI. The 2nd DWI would have still gone on my record, and this being TX you only get 3 strikes so I didnt want that. I was about to finally get my court date set and go to trial, which meant no more bargaining with the Prosecutors for a better offer.But considering the fact that there was absolutely no BAC on file, I felt like I could and HAD to do better.So finally I decided to do the smart thing and hire an amazing attorney that would actually fight for me, since this was my future at stake. I did some research and came across Kevin Bennett- Immediately I noticed over 300+ 5star reviews, and I can honestly say I now completely understand why!! About a month after hiring Kevin he had already reviewed my previous file, spoke with the Prosecutors and was able to get it reduced to just a Reckless Driving charge!! Again, this was the best decision I could have made and I am so incredibly happy with the results!! Kevin was very thorough, professional, quick to respond and always reached out to me to keep me in the loop!! I never once had to call him to ask for an update like I had to with Dunham Law. Dunham Law also made it sound like they were the only ones who accepted monthly payments, but this is not true!! **Payment installments can also be set up here with Kevin Bennett** Dont be fooled by other attorneys, go with the best and go here!!! Honestly the absolute best decision I made for my future!

chalkboardaddict Google review by chalkboardaddict

I highly recommend Kevin Bennett's services and can't say enough about how responsive he is. He worked efficiently and expeditiously to acheive the best possible outcome in my case. I sincerely felt like he had my back!

Alicia Cunningham Google review by Alicia Cunningham

I hired Kevin shortly after getting sober. I had accumulated four charges in various counties. Kevin helped me greatly during a long and drawn out journey through the criminal court system, and helped me move on from a tough period of my life relatively seamlessly. Very grateful!

Gil Garza Google review by Gil Garza

Kevin is a great lawyer that has always gotten the job done for me.

Justin Duncan Google review by Justin Duncan

Kevin worked very hard to achieve the best possible outcome for my family member's case. Always responsive, and gave great guidance and advice. I hope we won't need legal council anytime soon, but I would absolutely call on him again.

Lisa Braswell Google review by Lisa Braswell

Kevin and his team were amazing. I was truly afraid but they made everything easy. When I had questions, they were answered. You can count on Kevin Bennett!

tajonis murphy Google review by tajonis murphy

I highly recommend Mr. Kevin. Im a recovering addict who is now 3 years sober n I made some pretty bad choices that led to some serious consequences such as felonies. And he just assured he was going to do everything that he could and he did exactly that and more. I mean this sincerely, thank you!!

madison paige Google review by madison paige

I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer than Kevin Bennett. He got my case dismissed and was always an email or a phone call away and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in Travis County.

Zach Fleming Google review by Zach Fleming

I was extremely satisfied with the services of Kevin Bennett. His knowledge of the criminal justice system and ability to empathize with your case are SECOND to none! Keven was always ready to answer any of my crazy questions; and helped me through a very tough process and time in my life. Trust me, you need someone like him next to you. He will have your back!

Matt Sharpe Google review by Matt Sharpe

I would recommend Kevin Bennet to anyone going through legal issues. He got my controlled substance charge dismissed, he is knowledgeable and kept updating me with the status of my case and what I would need to do to have a better likelihood to have it dismissed!

Joe Barrera Google review by Joe Barrera

Kevin was great, he worked hard on both of my cases and definitely did his job well. Kevin is kind and professional, and will strive to work with the system to help you out. Thank you Kevin for all of your hard work.

Karl Ebling Google review by Karl Ebling

Great service. Im happy with my case and its results.

Richard Anguiano Google review by Richard Anguiano

Kevin is a great lawyer that will try his best to get you the best outcome in your case. Very experienced and would highly recommend.

Rafael Arocho Google review by Rafael Arocho

Kevin and his team offer an exceptional client experience. They are a great team with great service.

Rob Kaczmarek Google review by Rob Kaczmarek

I would recommend Kevin Bennett to anyone that I know. I had a case that I didnt know was still ongoing and he helped me get the case dismissed in one weeks time. He is one of the few people who actually listen to what you have to say and help you to the best of his ability. The best lawyer in Travis County by far.

Mason W Google review by Mason W

Mr. Bennett cared for my case like a true professional. He responded quickly and kept me up to date on any changes as soon as they happened. He also coached me through various situations as this is the only case I've ever had.

Joshua Jackson Google review by Joshua Jackson

Kevin was very quick and responsive. Got all of my charges dropped and he was clear and communicative

Tim Durgin Google review by Tim Durgin

The outcome of my case exceeded my expectation even Kevin initial assessment. he always kept me updated and answer my call and emails in the same day. I did the correct decision choosing Kevin to represent me. M. Elaassar

Mohamed Elaassar Google review by Mohamed Elaassar

Kevin is responsive and detail oriented. He listed to the whole situation and got the desired outcome I was looking for. I would highly recommend Kevin Bennett to anyone that is looking for an attorney that actually cares about their client!

Nathan Green Google review by Nathan Green

Mr. Bennett did an amazing job at representing me and my case. He worked diligently and kept me updated with changes and what was happening with my case. The process was made so much easier because of his hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help.

Michelle Smith Google review by Michelle Smith

I was facing jail time and thousands of dollars in fines for an advanced DWI. Kevin got it all waved it was reduced to a class B misdemeanor. I didnt owe hardly any fines and walked away with just probation and community service. It was my first offense so I was totally scared and clueless, but Kevin walked me through the whole process and made it all very simple for me. He was also very responsive and prompt in returning phone calls and emails. Extremely grateful that I found him. Lets hope I stay out of trouble, but I know who to turn to if I ever need a defense attorney. And I 100% recommend his services. Thanks again, Kevin!

Emily Sills Google review by Emily Sills

Kevin is a highly attentive attorney that can expertly assist or guide you through legal matters. I would highly recommend his professionalism, due diligence, and attention to detail.

Ben Herndon Google review by Ben Herndon

Kevin is a great defense lawyer in Austin. He's reliable, honest, and easy to work with. I highly recommend him for your legal needs.

Jessica Ehrlich Google review by Jessica Ehrlich

Kevin is an absolutely amazing, highly-skilled attorney. He's extremely responsive, caring and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation for themselves or their family.

Mark Beebe Google review by Mark Beebe

Kevin was my first and only consult, and his calm demeanor and straightforward assessment of the circumstances of my case made me feel confident in hiring him right away. He was extremely communicative throughout, answering all of my questions promptly and in great detail, which I greatly appreciated as someone navigating a criminal case for the first time. Most importantly, Kevin was able to negotiate a result I didn't even think to be attainable in my case, and I couldn't be more grateful for his work and attentive approach -- you can tell he cares about his clients and attaining the best possible outcome. Thank you, Kevin!

V K Google review by V K

Was being held downtown, got in at 1am could tell something wasn't right, took me foooorreevver to get assigned my holding cell made it in by somewhere around 8am and was out before noon. Apparently their systems were down so Kevin came in and took care of everything in person which, for anyone who has been locked up before knows how clutch this is. I was arrested for a possession charge and told him i wasnt interested at all in taking the "drug court" deal. He negotiated with the prosecutor informing her that I had already gotten myself checked into a program since my arrest date and would be willing to take the 15 hour online doep class. So with a letter from my counselor at the program and my certificate of completion of the course he got it dissmissed. It was an excellent experience, he took care of me from the jump and got me the best case scenario. Will be keeping his number close and will refer him to anyone i know that may need his help.

Ben Riseman Google review by Ben Riseman

Kevin is an exceptional lawyer and a consummate professional. Handled my case competently and with care. I don't think I could have asked for a better outcome for my case all things considered. Kevin is swift, direct, and highly efficient. Kevin is also very accessible and responsive to the point that sometimes I forget that he's not a friend or a psychiatrist but my lawyer do to his gentle and unassuming nature. I will hire Kevin again for any future legal matters that may come up.

John Beethoven Google review by John Beethoven

Very professional and efficient. I would recommend his services.

Peter Pham Google review by Peter Pham

Unfortunately, I am someone who has struggled with many legal issues throughout the last few years. I am real deal addict and with that comes lots of run ins with cops.This charge I got this time came at the absolute worst time, the most dark moment of my life. It was my second DWI accompanied with my second felony arrest. It was rock bottom.Kevin was a god send. He approached every conversation with compassion, kindness, and sincerity. I never felt stupid asking questions or for guidance. That was something I always felt with previous representation.Kevin was educated, experienced, thorough, and accountable. He got me an outstanding outcome for my case and gave me all the insight to help my case run as smoothly as possible. COVID made things painfully drawn out, but he kept me in the know every step of the way. He returned calls and emails in no more than 12 hours every single time. I cant rave about him enough.TLDR; 10/10. The absolute best. Will get you the best outcome if you follow his instruction. Hes incredible. Dont go anywhere else.

Carly T Google review by Carly T

For the first time ever I really wish if i can put more than five starHow can i start Kevin was more than amazing Ive never dealt with an honest lawyer have such a great communicationI had a case possession of untaxed tobacco for more than $50 which weirdly consider third degree felonyKevin worked on my case so hard with great knowledge of the law in every single detail with updated information every week and he got my case dismissed in such a short time without high fees for the stateI kept looking for lawyers for my case for over 3 months but Kevin was the right call I strongly recommend himThanks Kevin

Audi Hamdallah Google review by Audi Hamdallah

Kevin has helped me achieve the best possible outcome, having 4 cases. No jail, and the ability to scrub my record. He is very professional and kind and Im so grateful that he represented me:)

Brian Donaldson Google review by Brian Donaldson

Mr. Bennett is truly a professional. He helped me through a felony charge of carrying a weapon in a restricted area. I will say he does what he says he going to do. He navigated the process very effectively and was able to get the case rejected-dismissed. Through the whole process the communication was above reproach. If you find yourself in need of a professional attorney Kevin Bennett is that person! Thank you Mr. Bennett for doing what you said you would do in resolving my legal matter as you are highly recommended to say the least!!!

Dan Hackworth Google review by Dan Hackworth

Right off the bat I knew what kind of lawyer Kevin was. He was very responsive, communicated honestly and clearly, and was empathetic to my situation. He always responded within 24 hours and provided weekly updates - even if it was just to say that we are still waiting to hear back from prosecution. My case got resolved favorably in 6 weeks and was amazed by how quick it all happened. My case went straight for dismissal and the best possible scenario became reality. He fought hard for me and I can truly see why he is so sought after. My family and I will always be grateful for Kevin. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Allan

ALLAN Google review by ALLAN

Very informative at the beginning to layout all expectations as well as recommendations. You can tell he is an expert in his field. He is also quick to respond to anything you need while working with him. I highly recommend to save your time searching and work with Kevin.

L Ruiz Google review by L Ruiz

I had a great experience working with Kevin Bennett. Very professional.

Shannon Cohn Google review by Shannon Cohn

Mr. Bennett did an amazing job with my case. Great communication, almost never had to wait for a call back, as most of the time he was able to take my call immediately. Everything went perfectly smooth, and I never once felt nervous or anxious about anything. Highly recommend Kevin Bennett's law office. Thanks Kevin!

Cameron Guthrie Google review by Cameron Guthrie

I have referred numerous people to Kevin Bennett for legal representation because he knows the law, he fights hard for his clients, and he is trustworthy. I would recommend Kevin to anyone in need of the services he provides.

James Sullivan Google review by James Sullivan

Mr. Bennett called me the same evening I inquired. He consulted with me that evening and again the next AM at no charge. I explained my situation regarding a protection order & an abusive ex. He was very empathic, kind, and professional. He gave me advisements, offered services at minimal cost should I need after taking available free resourceful steps he recommended, and offered to stay in touch. I couldn't have asked for a more professional, endearing experience during a chaotic time. Thank you Mr. Bennett!

Lacy L Zamora Google review by Lacy L Zamora

Kevin is a wonderful and honest man who is dedicated to his clients!

Courtney Groves Google review by Courtney Groves

I was charged with indecent exposure and Kevin helped me get the case dismissed with the possibility of eventual expungement. He is highly professional, well connected and very empathetic towards his clients. Im really grateful that he took my case and helped me in my time of need. I highly recommend him as a defense attorney, with 5 out of 5 stars.

Anonymous Client Google review by Anonymous Client

Mr. Bennett was very professional and understanding with me from the very beginning. He understood the necessary steps I needed to take with my cases and made the entire process less stressful for me. Very proficient. Thank you very much for helping me through this.

William Fuentes Google review by William Fuentes

Kevin was great in helping get my case figured out, I could not have asked for a better lawyer!!

Olivia Krug Google review by Olivia Krug

Kevin has done an excellent job with my probation violations he went above and beyond and got the best results in both scenarios more then I had asked him to do. He is very responsive and takes his time to explain anything you have a question about. My only mistake was not hiring Kevin for the cases that had put me on probation in the first place.

Jake Kiehl Google review by Jake Kiehl

A couple of months ago I had recieved my first misdemeanor. Nervous and stressed I reached out to Kevin for assistance. He was very professional and went to work right away. Any question I had about the process or the path forward he a thorough and descriptive explanation for. It made me feel better about the situation. After all was said and done he was able to bring my charge down to differed disposition. Because of his support I was able to remove a major stress that weighed on me. I cant recommend Mr. Bennett and his services enough.

Mason S Google review by Mason S

I was referred to Kevin from a friend to take care of my situation. He was AWESOME to work with and was on top of everything and did a GREAT job! He made everything easier and kept me updated! i would 100% recommend him to any friends/family.

hunter hornsby Google review by hunter hornsby

Easy to work with, quick, and communicates well.

Angelica Estrada Google review by Angelica Estrada

Kevin is all you could want in a defense attorney. He works hard, knows the law and his communication is great. Most of all, he genuinely cares about you. I absolutely recommend Kevin Bennett. He will take great care of you.

Mark Soenen Google review by Mark Soenen

Kevin Bennet did really superb job. Thanks to Mr. Bennet, my assault case not just got dismissed but also not indicted at all. When I met him, he kindly shared his experiences on similar cases and explained possible outcomes that I could feel his confidence. If you need to hire an attorney related to assault case, I strongly recommend Kevin Bennet.

Katie Li Google review by Katie Li

Kevin Bennett took care of everything and made the whole legal process really easy for me. He started working on my DUI case right away and advised me of everything I needed to do before my court date. He kept me informed and responded promptly to all my concerns. He was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and obtain the best possible outcome in my case. I know I can count on Kevin Bennett if I ever have any legal issues in the future.

Saulo Saenz Google review by Saulo Saenz

Kevin responded honestly and quickly. He was always available if I had questions and helped out when my family needed it the most! Definitely recommend him!

violeta estrada Google review by violeta estrada

Mr. Bennett is a sincere, honest and excellent lawyer. He not only cares about your case but also about you as a person. If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in Austin, its Kevin Bennett. He comes with my highest recommendation and you can rest easier knowing you have him on your side.

Kathy Spicer Google review by Kathy Spicer

I cannot recommend Kevin enough. Great defense lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the law. Hes highly trustworthy, works hard, and is very straightforward and down to earth. Kevin is the guy you want in your corner. 10 stars if I could.

Josh Harnagel Google review by Josh Harnagel

Kevin is a perfect attorney. He always responds so fast to my emails and cell phones no matter what time. My causes got expunged so easily with him. I highly recommended him.

Hossam G Google review by Hossam G

Mr.Bennett was extremely profesional and quick to take care of my buissness, kept me updated through the whole process. highly recommened his services to anyone needing the service he provides

Bill Randall Google review by Bill Randall

Kevin made things very easy and eased my mind. He would keep me updated and remind me to take care of things on my end. You will be in good hands with Kevin if you stay in contact and follow his advice.

Josh Jarvis Google review by Josh Jarvis

Mr. Bennett worked with my DWI case, and was very engaged and helpful to me in me time of need. He managed to get my case's expunction order granted before the discussed time. He kept me updated, i didn't really have to do much, he took care of everything for me.He sold me into hiring him instead because he was interested and dedicated to alleviating my worry about the case. He offered me a great competitive price for the expunction.

Birdman Google review by Birdman

Ill start by saying that Kevin is a family friend who Ive known a very long time. But I felt compelled to write this review because of the level of service Kevin and his firm have provided me and my friends and family on various occasions. Hes not only very responsive to emails, calls and texts, but hes a knowledgeable, hard working attorney who approaches his work with care and thoughtfulness. Ive passed Kevins contact info onto friends several times and will continue to do so! Cant recommend working with him enough.

Samantha Breeland Google review by Samantha Breeland

I just recently got my case dismissed thanks to Kevin and couldn't be happier. He is very professional and responds to all emails as he gets them. 10/10 would recommend him to my friends if ever needed!!

Anthony Letson Google review by Anthony Letson

I cannot recommend Kevin Bennett enough. He is hands down one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Austin. He is trustworthy, knows the law and truly cares about you.

Kathleen Woodhead Google review by Kathleen Woodhead

Kevin was always timely and professional. Had kind of a weird situation and he helped me navigate through it as painless as possible.

Matthew Childers Google review by Matthew Childers

Kevin was very helpful in my son's case. He always took the time to reply to my calls quickly and answered all of my questions. He collected data, worked with the prosecutor and after that, provided us with a good end result!

Colleen Donaldson Google review by Colleen Donaldson

Kevin really cares about people, and I really appreciate how he has helped me and my family with some legal needs. Hes willing to go the extra mile and make a difference. Thank you again!

Brandy Whiteside Google review by Brandy Whiteside

He was very nice, very clear of the choices i had, everything was done fast very profesional and affordable.

suleima pena Google review by suleima pena

Attorney Kevin Bennet did such an amazing job handling my legal matter. He is very trustworthy and made the process so smooth. I definitely recommend hiring Kevin and trusting him with your legal matter.

Mark Zuniga Google review by Mark Zuniga

Kevin was wonderful! Handled my case perfectly! Would recommend him to everyone!

robin walker Google review by robin walker

My experience with Mr. Bennett was excellent. He was professional, knowledgeable, and prompt with communications. The outcome was better than we could have hoped for. He was invested in helping us through the entire process.

Heather Smith Google review by Heather Smith

I caught a case for unlawful carry of a firearm. I just knew I would be looking at jail time or probation due to the severity of the case. Yes, it was a accident of the place that I carried it into, but I was not trying to be optimistic about the situation. Lets just say I was prepared for the worst. Mr Kevin was easy to reach, easy to communicate with, and persistent when it came to reaching out to the DA regarding my defense. When i got that phone call and email saying the charges were dismissed, i literally have only felt that joy in my life twice; when i married my wife and when my son was born! If i (or ANY family member i know) ever get into any mishap again (God forbid), Kevin Bennett is the Lawyer I want fighting for me tooth and nail!

Herman Jelks jr Google review by Herman Jelks jr

I am very pleased with the professional service provided by Kevin Bennett. Dealing with legal matters can be very stressful. However Kevin, will work for you to ensure you receive the best out come. He is to be trusted.

Curtis Lucky Google review by Curtis Lucky

I recently used Kevin Bennett's services and I could not be happier. I originally sought his services, but did not think I could afford them. I naively thought a court appointed lawyer would be a better option as I haven't had to deal with the law before, was a commuter student and money was very, very tight. That was a mistake.The appointed guy barely knew my name and presented "a deal" to me that was alright, but still seemed a bit harsh--a practice I later learned was called "Meet'em and Plead'em" by some. I asked him to talk to the DA again. An hour later he comes back and says he asked and nothing changed, but you could tell he was lying because I had to remind him of what I asked him to do. A week after that decision, Community Impact ran a story about how those lawyers get paid; the court provided lawyer's effort reflected what I read.At that point, I decided I desperately needed to hire Kevin Bennett. He was my first choice and I had a good feeling about him. He graciously took my case and was able to get it dismissed. We will be working on expunction soon. He was constantly available--even when I would respond to an email well after work hours. He had a vast knowledge of the law and what was doing. You can tell he knows how to navigate the DAs office. He was always prepared and meetings were on time, to the point, and no bs. Mr. Bennett puts his clients and their needs first. You will not find that quality with a court appointed lawyer. Do yourself a favor and get the good lawyer the first time. Get Kevin Bennett on your side.

Andrew Brandt Google review by Andrew Brandt

Kevin was great to work with. He was easy to get a hold of, very efficient, And had a very calm demeanor. He was very easy to talk to and I am very happy to have choose him!

Grace Lewis Google review by Grace Lewis

I was very happy with Mr Bennett, I hired him on a case of tobacco violation in Austin TX and he did a great job=b with in one month he had the case dismissed. my best recommendation ever.

mack jaber Google review by mack jaber

Kevin, is a God send! He was very honest from the beginning. I was trepidations throughout the whole process; but he proved to be the only once I trusted. I would highly recommend the professional and legal expertise from Kevin Bennett! In the end, case was dismissed, allowing me to move forward with my life in a productive manner. Thank you Kevin!!

Kelsi Michael Google review by Kelsi Michael

Kevin is sincere, hardworking and someone I would trust wholeheartedly with my defense. Austin is lucky to have him, and so are his clients!

Aubrey Edwards Google review by Aubrey Edwards

I have known Kevin Bennett for several years now. While I have not used his professional services personally, I have witnessed his outstanding character and compassion for his clients. He is a criminal attorney, and I would recommend him as one of the best in Austin. Honest and trustworthy, I am grateful to know him.

Kazmira Pedonesi Google review by Kazmira Pedonesi

Being from out of state, I have to say that Kevin made me feel at home. If you're looking for an attorney to help you through your case with comfort and ease of mind, this is the guy. Walking me through each step, and helping me get through this entire case comfortably and being honest of the excepted out come made this super easy. Also, Kevin is extremely easy to contact and get ahold of throughout the entire process.Thanks again Kevin for taking time to help me through this case, and doing what you did. I'll definitely recommend to friends and if needed in the future, I'll know who to call.

Landon Miller Google review by Landon Miller

I have been in communication with most of the lawyers in the Austin area, trying to take care of a very old warrant. Most of the lawyers I spoke to told me I would have to come back to Austin(because I now reside in Atlanta) to handle this out dated warrant.Their prices were ridiculous. From the first conversation I had with Kevin I knew that he would be able to help me. Not only was I impressed with the pricing, I was very surprised in how fast he got the balling rolling with my case. He was always in communication every step of the way. I can't thank him enough. This is the lawyer you want handling your case!! Hands down!

Kevin Denbow Google review by Kevin Denbow

Kevin sprang into action quickly and was very informative especially since the charges involved both a felony and a misdemeanor. His knowledge and detailed explanations were very reassuring and he successfully got both the felony and misdemeanor dismissed. I found Kevin to be a person of integrity and he kept us updated and responded to follow-up email inquiries the same day. His personal bio impressed me as much as his professional experience and that set him apart from other attorneys I was considering.

J NH Google review by J NH

felony tampering with government documentThis was a case of misconception and offence I didn't commit with all evidence pointing towards it.I have never committed any crime in my life and I have a clean record but the prosecutor would not let go, he would rather have me do diversion program and plead guilty.At first, it seemed there's no way out, except the diversion program (my thought) But Attorney Kevin went extra miles to get the case dismissed , he was always on top of it and neither will any week goes by without pushing forward or getting in touch on developments and also carrying me along on all steps and efforts toward getting the case dismissedI really believed in Kevin, his dependability, persistence, and defense proved it. He is professional and has vast, in depth knowledge of the law.

Bola TaiwoYT Google review by Bola TaiwoYT

I contacted Mr Bennett to resolve a legal matter a few years after the original case was dismissed. Within 3 weeks, over the Christmas and New Year's Holiday season, Mr Bennett not only provided clear, concise, and timely feedback of the case's progress, but an Order was issued from the Judge. Mr Bennett would be my first recommendation to anyone seeking legal assistance for this type of matter.

Frank G Google review by Frank G

We hired kevin bennett about 2 years ago for an arrest that could have gotten our life destroyed. he was able to get it dismissed in less than 3 months. He is very responsive and communicated in timely matter which is very important for us customers who are worried about our cases. He even negotiated with the defense attorney a short time to wait to be eligible for expungement. When that time came we had no doubt in our minds that we will be using kevin bennett. we moved to California and kevin made the experience very seamless and convenient for us. he even checked in on us when we didnt scan the document on time. usually most lawyers have their paralegal or assistant handle that but he made us feel we are important customer. In less than 3 months again he got the case expunged. We looked for so long for good criminal lawyer an we are so happy that we fond him. It is coming from someone who is very picky customer who reads all sort of reviews. So plesae don't waste your time or money on consultations look NO FURTHER!! We are very happy to have him as our lawyer.

matthew wattles Google review by matthew wattles

We had some complex issues that were very time consuming and worrisome but Kevin Bennett was always able to handle things promptly and professionally. He was able to resolve our issues far better than I could have hoped for. I didnt have any trouble trust MR. Bennett with my issues at hand. He was also very kind spoken and knew how to insure I didnt panic during the tough times. Thank you MR. Kevin Bennett for your assistance.

Timothy LaPoint Google review by Timothy LaPoint

I was charged with DWI and DV and Mr. Bennett helped me out. He heard my case and even accommodated a payment plan that worked for both of us. He outlined the case and steps to take for the next course of action. He was very responsive, even when the pandemic hit and my court hearing was further delayed. He would call and send emails about what the next step would be. He clearly explained all of the paperwork and results. Mr. Bennett was able to get my case dismissed and I am glad to have worked with him. He was very knowledgeable and attentive and I would very much recommend him to anyone who wants to be heard out and given a chance to explain their case.

Abby M Google review by Abby M

nice man and respectful

James Dilick Google review by James Dilick

Update: Feb 2021I couldn't think of better attorney than Kevin for the expunction petition of the case he helped me dismissed. It took about two months with holiday and all when Kevin told me the petition was granted. I was surprised by how quickly and effectively he handled the business. Once again Kevin exceeded my expectation!
Kevin was professional and responsive. He provided the best legal counsel for me. I certainly had doubts at the time, but I could say that now because he got my case DISMISSED! It felt like a huge weight lifted off my chest, and the life is back on track again. I have nothing but positive and grateful things to say about him and my experience with his practice. Hope this review helps those who is in search for a solid Criminal Defense Attorney to represent them.

M L Google review by M L

Mr. Bennett is the lawyer you want on your side! Do yourself a favor and inquire with him about your case, he will help you learn where you stand in a clear and concise manner. If your looking for a lawyer that will make you their priority and give you results, look no further.

Hector Martinez Google review by Hector Martinez

Kevin helped a friend of mine through a difficult situation and was with them every step of the way. He is efficient, communicative, and thorough. He's a fantastic counsel and I highly recommend him.

Chance Eakin Google review by Chance Eakin

Kevin is awesome. He responds very fast and offers very great and helpful advice. I would definitely recommend him!

Rosie Brooks Google review by Rosie Brooks

Kevin represented me through one of the most difficult experiences of my entire life, a DUI arrest. He was ultimately able to get the case dropped, and reduced to a speeding ticket (which will be dismissed in 90 days). Kevin responded immediately to all my questions, kept in constant communication, and went above & beyond what I assume any attorney would go through for a client. Intelligent, practical, and highly recommended.

Patrick Google review by Patrick

Mr. Bennett and his firm are incredibly hardworking and professional. Made the entire process easy to understand and stress free. Highly recommend

Benjamin Couvillon Google review by Benjamin Couvillon

Kevin was consistently responsive to our questions and concerns during the representation phase, resulting in better than expected results. I highly recommend Kevin as a defense attorney.

B.M.S. Google review by B.M.S.

Your case has been dismissed. That was the first line in an email I just received from Kevin. What a relief.Kevin responded quickly to any emails or phone calls I made. He answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. He was up to date on where my case was and what was needed next. If you are reading this review, you want someone capable and engaged in your corner. I give Kevin my highest possible recommendation.

Greg Ziarnik Google review by Greg Ziarnik

You will not find a better defense attorney in Austin than Kevin Bennett. From the moment i hired Kevin, he took over my case and made sure to put my case in the best position to get dismissed. He will review your case and explain all of your options in an easy to understand manner. Kevin ALWAYS showed up for court prepared and on time and ALWAYS made sure that i understood exactly what i needed to be doing on my end to get the best possible result. In the end Kevin got my felony case dismissed and then later expunged. His price was well worth it. His communication is more than amazing and his level of costumer service is second to none. I more than highly recommend Mr. Bennett to anyone facing a criminal charge. He WILL take great care of you!

Autumn Gil Google review by Autumn Gil

I could not recommend Kevin enough. Not only did we achieve the desired outcome because of his work, but he made everything along the way so simple. I never had to worry about anything, because I knew Kevin was handling it, and would call me with an update immediately when he had one. I loved being able to take a step back, but if I ever had questions, no matter how small, Kevin was always available to answer and was very knowledgeable. He was there for me, all hours of the night, no matter what, and I can't thank him enough for all his work. I would 100% recommend him for your legal needs, and he would certainly be the first person in my mind should I need someone like this in the future!

Paul Smith Google review by Paul Smith

Mr.Bennett helped me through this difficult time, and helped me dismiss my case. He also kept me updated, answered all my concerns and questions in timely fashion. Thank you Mr.Bennett

bryan zhou Google review by bryan zhou

Thank you Kevin Bennett! Helped get my case dismissed, walked me through the process and kept me informed about everything going on. I appreciate it very much!

Veronica Flores Google review by Veronica Flores

Kevin works smart. Quality work with a sharp-mind. Well worth my every thousand. A lawyer for the lifetime.

Diane CH Google review by Diane CH

Kevin was a great in every way and was very responsive. He guided me very well in my matter. I put my trust in Kevin and he helped me greatly. Also, he worked with my financial situation which was great. Highly recommend.

David A Google review by David A

Kevin Bennett was extremely helpful in explaining to me the judicial process and kept me updated on changes thru-out the proceedings. I would highly recommend his Law office because he respects and cares about the military. Thank you

Joseph Gillo Google review by Joseph Gillo

I hired Kevin, in 2018, to perform an expunction and an order of non-disclosure. I could not be more happy with his services. Both of these objectives were completed in a timely fashion. I live in Houston; both of my charges were in Austin. I did not have to travel to Austin for court, and felt at ease the entire time. Kevin communicated efficiently, and I was aware of every step of the process. Since Kevin performed these services, I am now a Child Advocate and am applying for law school. If these two charges had remained on my record I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have today. I have had to reach out to Kevin a couple of times since 2018, for advice on applying to law school and to obtain a second copy of my orders, he has responded the same day, and been more than accommodating. If you are looking for a good attorney, Kevin is your guy!

Abbey Whisennand Google review by Abbey Whisennand

Great lawyer! We found him online and were excited about his reviews! I got a Criminal Mischief deferred to a PI case so that it also gets dismissed. Very pleased with Kevin.

Meredith LovesLife Google review by Meredith LovesLife

When I had my first arrest I was so nervous about how things would shake out. I contacted Kevin Bennett about my Family Violence Assault and from the first phone call I felt comfortable that I had made the right choice. Throughout the process Kevin was very responsive via phone and email even throughout the holidays. Kevin gave me some great proactive guidance that ultimately helped my case being dismissed. Kevin is very knowledgeable of the law and will ensure that his clients know their rights and know exactly what to expect with next steps. I cannot recommend Kevin enough!!

John Clark Google review by John Clark

Mr. Bennett helped me tremendously during a very difficult time. He was very straightforward with me and always knew what move the other side would be playing and how we should move next in the case. He offered me excellent advice and I was told the worst and the best outcomes possible. During phone conversations I never had to wait for Mr. Bennett to think, he was always quick thinking and kept the chats short to the point and answered any questions I had. Although I live thousands of miles away Mr. Bennett was still capable of making me feel important tohim. I will always recommend this office to anyone in the Travis County area. In a season of waiting in the case Mr. Bennett stayed persistent with the accusers and kept me updated.

Chase and Meg McKenzie Google review by Chase and Meg McKenzie

Kevin Bennett offers a calm, receptive approach to circumstances that otherwise may create chaos or concern for families. He brings an astute, thoughtful and creative method to navigating client matters and I have confidence in his ability to achieve positive outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Jennifer Gravenor Google review by Jennifer Gravenor

Kevin got my case dismissed very quickly and was always available for any questions or concerns I had. Definitely recommend for all your legal needs. Thanks a ton Kevin!

Dom N Google review by Dom N

I cannot recommend Mr. Bennett enough! I would give him a thousand gold stars if I could! He is THE BEST criminal defense lawyer in Austin hands down! My case is in the process of being dismissed. Please read on for details. *Lengthy but worth the read*Initial reach out:I interviewed 7 lawyers before choosing Mr. Bennett. He was the only lawyer that didnt try to sell me on some dream, and he went through ~ every possible outcome ~ in my case. Some lawyers I spoke to tried to tell me right away that they could get my cased dismissed and that I need not worry! It was total BS. There are SO many hoops you have to jump through in order to get a case dropped, dismissed, or expunged. Mr. Bennett was open, honest, and made sure that I felt comfortable with the process of my case. We went through every step of the case, and he reached out to me regarding updates regularly. Mr. Bennett goes to every scheduled court date, *HE* represents you, and does all of his own paperwork. He doesnt have a team that handles his cases for him.Details about my case:I was arrested for a DWI. I refused to blow & had my blood taken at the station. It took about 3 months for my blood results to come in. I had a 1.28 BAC. Since I refused to blow, there was an addition drivers license suspension issue tackled on to my case.Communication with Mr. Bennett:Mr. Bennett has responded to every phone call and email immediately. If he missed my call, he called me back in less than 5 min. I cannot express how valuable and important this is. During my case, I came upon so many questions, and Mr. Bennett answered every single one with precise answers and guidance.Process & Results:Due to Mr. Bennetts work ethic, reputation, connections, and details of my case, I was accepted into the DWI Pretrial Diversion Program. He went the extra mile and jumped though so many hoops to get me into the program because I was in the process of moving out of the state. For those of you that are new to the DWI world, basically you cant move out of the state and if you do the DWI goes on your record permanently. (There is more to that last statement, but it would take me too long to explain). Once I complete the program, my DWI case will be DISMISSED and two year after that I am eligible to get the arrest expunged from my record all together!!None of this would have been possible without Kevin Bennett. If you are reading this and in the process of shopping around for a lawyer, Kevin Bennett law is affordable, dependable, loyal, and trustworthy.

Devin Alexandra Google review by Devin Alexandra

Kevin's thorough attention to my case and his response to my needs made me think I was his only client.Thank you, Kevin!

Robert McNiece Google review by Robert McNiece

Being a full time student and mother, I have a lot to deal with, especially with graduation coming up in a few months and having to apply for jobs... I couldn't wrap my head around having to deal with trying to get my record clean from something that I was arrested for over 8 years ago, but it had to be done.I am glad that I found Kevin Bennet. I was able to continue with my life while keeping in touch with him via email. He quickly responded to any and all of my questions, and before I knew it, Mr. Bennet was leaving court and informing me that my petition for expunction was granted.If you are needing help with legal matters, I highly recommend Mr. Bennet.

Anna Allison Google review by Anna Allison

After being arrested for assault, we have been very fortunate that we decided to go with Mr. Kevin Bennett as our attorney. No one wants to be in a situation when they need legal help, and since we are from another country, we were even more anxious when such a situation arose as we are not familiar with the judicial system of the United States. Right from the first contact, Kevin was very responsive towards our every need and questions. He even went ahead and did a large amount work on the case at the very beginning and going this extra mile had a very positive impact on the outcome of the case. And later on when we needed his help with expunction, he explained exactly what needed to be done and was very prompt with it as usual. I would not hesitate to recommend him at all to anyone who ever needs legal help.

Theresa Mark Google review by Theresa Mark

Absolutely amazing! Wonderful to work with and always willing to talk on the phone. Incredibly nice and understanding. Answers promptly to emails. This is now my go-to lawyer :) Again, I repeat, you NEED to hire this guy. He did EVERYTHING in his power to help me and in the end, we won! My mom and I looked at literally dozens and dozens of lawyers and met with at least five. We fell in love with Mr. Bennett and made the right choice. Choose Kevin Bennet to represent you! You will not be disappointed :)

Stevie Collier Google review by Stevie Collier

Kevin, Went above and beyond to ensure that my legal issues were handled both professionally and efficiently! I relocated shortly after my incident due to safety concerns & Kevin made every step of the process just as easy as if i were still local. I would refer anyone to him in a split second for a multitude of reasons! 5stars is an insult to the work and service provided!

JaVonte Jahv Lawry Google review by JaVonte Jahv Lawry

Kevin did a remarkable job representing my son! He is extremely knowledgeable of the law and of the court system and kept us informed every step of the way.His guidance throughout the process was precise and seamless, resulting in the charges being dropped! We are grateful to have found such stellar representation - Thanks again, Kevin!!

Dawn Boos Google review by Dawn Boos

Mr. Bennett took care in getting my DWI case dismissed and made it very clear what I needed to do and where I needed to be. I highly recommend Mr. Bennett as your first choice if youre ever in an unfortunate situation with the law.

Jacob Olivarez Google review by Jacob Olivarez

Mr. Bennett did a fabulous job with my son's case. He guided us through the process with a calm and reassuring manner. He set expectations and surpassed them! I couldn't be more pleased with his representation. I would highly recommend his services to any in in the Austin area needing his type of expertise. Thank you for all you did!

Marcia Millard Google review by Marcia Millard

Very helpful, knowledgeable, understanding and easy to communicate with regarding our issue.

Tamma Alexander Google review by Tamma Alexander

I would highly recommend Mr. Bennett for your pending cases. As a client, I was hoping for the best and I received better than that. A 10 year old case that was pending was turned into a dismissal.Mr. Bennett was fast, friendly, and took my best interest to bat with the court system. 5 stars all day!

Jesse Milhem Google review by Jesse Milhem

Mr. Bennett did an awesome job in handling my case quickly and professionally. He was very communicative about the whole process. I would highly recommend him.

Kelsey N Google review by Kelsey N

I found Kevin via Google and picked him because of his glowing reviews and overall presentation. I 100% made the right choice and couldn't have picked a better attorney for my expunction. Kevin's communication throughout the whole process was excellent, I felt like he was invested in me and my case and he did everything the correct way in a very timely manner. I guarantee nobody will regret choosing this guy!

Alex Chonghyun Ahn Google review by Alex Chonghyun Ahn

It was an amazing experience working with Kevin Bennett. He was able to assuage my fears and was true to his word. Never a doubt about what was going to happen and in the order he promised. I not only recommend his services but recommend his ability to move mountains for you. No need to go anywhere else as my situation was being worked on within 24 hours of initial contact.

Michael B Google review by Michael B

Highly recommend his services. Kevin and his team are very responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. He helped represent us in court and resolve a very stressful situation with great results.I would 100% use Kevin again in the future.

Jamie Reid Google review by Jamie Reid

Very concerned of your situation.. fast response very professinal... Glad I called

brandon tiemann Google review by brandon tiemann

Kevin Bennett is an outstanding defense attorney. My girlfriend found him online and Im happy she did. Kevin has a calm and professional demeanor that will put you right at ease. He walked me through everything and answered all my questions promptly. Im incredibly grateful for his assistance and highly recommend him!

Michael Hughes Google review by Michael Hughes

Kevin has been so responsive from beginning to end. His communication and level of knowledge of the law and what we needed to do has been great. He got us the results we wanted, has been prepared, and dependable throughout the entire process. I hope we won't be in a situation where we need an attorney again, but if we do, we will call Kevin.

Erin Hager Google review by Erin Hager

Kevin was amazing, quick, and easy. Not being from Austin I put my trust into the reviews and comment about his office. They're amazing and are a major help to anyone in need of someone who need assistance in Austin.

David Valadez Google review by David Valadez

Kevin is very knowledgeable of the law, and guided my relative in the right direction. I admire his tenacity when it comes to getting it done!

Ann Longbine Google review by Ann Longbine

Kevin did a good job for me. He was able to get me the deal I wanted. He is honest and will fight for his clients. I would reccomend Mr. Bennett to anyone that has found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Landry Arthur Google review by Landry Arthur

Mr. Bennett worked on my case for 2 years. Got my charge reduced from a pretty serious problem with Travis County to a much smaller fine and me being able to keep my license. He answers emails quickly and is always there to answer any questions as you go through this process. Highly recommend! A++

ryan tuazon Google review by ryan tuazon

Kevin was phenomenal. Desired result was achieved. Quickly & efficiently. Dealt directly with Kevin - no team or assistant acting as a continuous buffer.. Hes hands on & obviously cares.

Jeff Rocco Google review by Jeff Rocco

Very good, my case was handled in a timely manner.

Hunter Hollingsworth Google review by Hunter Hollingsworth

Kevin Bennett was able to help us with a traffic situation with our son and was great to deal with from the moment we called. He followed through on everything and was able to get all charges dismissed. His timeliness and communication is above and beyond what we expected. We would highly recommend him and his firm to represent any case. Very professional and he was well worth the investment for our son and our family.

ashleywalker llc Google review by ashleywalker llc

Kevin Bennett comes highly recommended! He has impeccable communication and professionalism, delivers adequate results, and can trust him 100%! He was able to help expunge a misdemeanor case from years ago in a very short timely manner. Explained to me the entire process and took me step by step. I can now legally move forward without this burden all thanks to The Law Office of Kevin Bennett.

Raven SW. Google review by Raven SW.

Kevin and his team worked quickly and professionally on my sons possession case. There was an attorney available for him overnight. Kevin provided up-to-date information and very knowledgeable with latest legislature. I highly recommend using his services.

Michelle Robbins Google review by Michelle Robbins

Kevin was awesome! He is very knowledgeable and was easily accessible throughout the entire process which we appreciated. We couldnt be happier with the results of our case. Definitely recommend!

Liz Short Google review by Liz Short

Extremely knowledgeable, confident, and most of all genuine. I was very pleased with Kevin's results.

Jennifer Rice Google review by Jennifer Rice

Kevin did amazing job in putting my needs first, he treated me with respect and valued my opinions! He went above and beyond to ensure a great outcome in my case! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Stefania Deleva Google review by Stefania Deleva

Kevin was absolutely FANTASTIC about handling my husband's paraphernalia & possession charge in Travis County. We were able to schedule an initial meeting with him within 24 hours of first reaching out to him. Our initial meeting was fantastic and expectations were clear. We set up a payment plan and Kevin handled everything from there. We communicated via email on virtually everything without any issue. He knows exactly what he is doing, his communication is timely and made this process EXTREMELY less stressful and literally handled everything. I appreciate the time he put in to his case and was able to successfully resolve both matters. We would ABSOLUTELY hands down recommend Kevin to anyone and plan on working with him to expunge his record.

Lindsey B Google review by Lindsey B

If you need a lawyer to FIGHT FOR YOU , Kevin is your man!!!Absolutely phenomenal lawyer. Every court date, I listened to Kevin argue for the prosecutor to dismiss my case. He did an unbelievable amount of prep-work and took care of my entire case from bail to the last date. It felt as if I was his only client.Tough lawyer. Great price point. Will be recommending to literally anyone needing defense in ATX.His communication was 1000% on point , and his knowledge of the law and Travis County court proceedings gave me the best chance of dismissal.He was extremely persistnant to winning my case and wouldnt take anything less than the absolute best outcome.

TB Sounds Google review by TB Sounds

Kevin is a bright attorney who understands the issues. But he is also a thoughtful and caring person that I would trust.

Clinton Edgar Google review by Clinton Edgar

I chose Mr. Bennett after speaking with several Austin criminal lawyers and am VERY happy that I picked Kevin.Kevin is a great lawyer who treated my misdemeanor cases like they were his own. For real! His communication is great and he returns calls and emails almost immediately. i was shocked. He also took time to listen to me and really explain my options and what he thought needed to be done to help get my case dismissed. I felt like he actually cared about my case.If you want your case dismissed he is the best choice! I highly recommend Mr. Bennett if you are in need of an honest defense lawyer who works hard for YOU. I am forever grateful. Thanks Kevin!

Christina McDonald Google review by Christina McDonald

Kevin was very professional and understanding to my situation. He went out of his way to make sure I did not have to do anymore than necessary, considering I don't live in Texas. He was always very responsive with any questions I had. Often responding in minutes to my emails.

al du Google review by al du

Fist of all I do appreciate his hard work,I hired him for an expunction and he did a great job he kept it touch all the time, however the expunction is granted but Im still waiting for the court to clear that from my record, I highly recommend him because he is a good listener and does the work right, thanks again.

Shoaib Noori Google review by Shoaib Noori

I found Mr. Bennett using Google reviews and was not disappointed. His high rating is certainly deserved. He knew exactly how to precede with my case. He was flexible with me in setting up a payment plan, the service was very reasonably priced compared to his competitors and he was immediately responsive to any questions or concerns I had. His advisement was spot on every time. In the end he was able to get my case dismissed, and I am extremely grateful for his knowledge and service.

Ben Lozier Google review by Ben Lozier

Great Service ! I got my case handled.

Josue Kula Google review by Josue Kula

Kevin is an incredible attorney and advocate. He kept me informed at every step of the criminal process staying in constant contact and responding to every inquiry I had quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to Kevin a potentially life ruining mistake was able to become an obstacle that I can overcome on the way to a better life. Highly highly recommended for handling any criminal concerns in the Austin area

Gardere Carter Google review by Gardere Carter

Kevin Bennett is an expert at law. I was fighting a felony evading arrest along with a 2nd DWI charge. He used his knowledge of Travis County law to defend me against the prosecution and get my felony dismissed. I was able to keep my job, and got off with essentially no jail time. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the outcome of my cases. He is very communicative and kept me updated on my both my cases every step of the way. He has responded promptly to every question I've ever had. While other attorneys are business people that will tell you what you want to hear just to make the sale, Kevin Bennett will give you the straight facts from the get go. I would highly recommend Kevin Bennett as an attorney. He will work hard to get you the best results!

Zachery Fernandez Google review by Zachery Fernandez

Kevin was extremely helpful in getting my order of non-disclosure successfully completed. He is always very responsive, willing to answer any question, and very knowledgable about the process and what to expect. I enthusiastically recommend him.

Kurt Google review by Kurt

Mr. Bennett did an unbelievable job representing my case. He is very quiet and professional, and his counsel gave me comfort through this emotionally trying time. It took him only eight weeks to have my case dropped. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help.

Paula Austin Google review by Paula Austin

Kevin Bennett represented my son in a serious case. We never dreamed my sons case would have such a wonderful outcome. Clearly Kevins legal expertise and professional demeanor are superior! We are completely grateful and 100% satisfied!

Peggy Butler Google review by Peggy Butler

I believe a good lawyer does not just deliver the good result for the case but also make sure his or her clients feel as comfortable as possible in the difficult situations. In that regard, I am so grateful that I contacted Kevin in the time of need. 1. He was very responsive to all of my requests and questions (I definitely felt that I could contact him for anything related to the case and I would get an answer quickly), 2. he laid everything out for me from the beginning so that there would be no surprise (possible results, possible timeline, best/common outcomes, fees, everything), 3. he delivered the best possible result for my case and 4. he made all this happened so much quicker than I ever hoped. I contacted him after reading google reviews and I am so glad I did. I truly appreciate his legal knowledge, excellent work ethic, and outstanding communication.

Sooyeon Kim Google review by Sooyeon Kim

First of all, I want to say thank you Mr. Bennett for the outcome of my case, both where dismissed! My wife and I were riding our motorcycle in Austin and where hit from behind by a truck going 60+ mph. The Austin police were allowed to search our motorcycle while we were being taken to the hospital in the ambulance. Everyone should know the law because this is scary! Kevin explained to me: The state is allowed to do what is called an inventory check. This way they will not be held responsible for any of the material posessions left with the motorcycle. I had not yet hired Kevin but he was staying in constant contact with me on what the state was doing with my case. He was hired shortly after. Kevin walked me through what was going to happen along the way, which was very relieving to say the least. He was dependable, and stayed on top of every aspect of my case. He called or emailed me back every time I reached out to him with questions or concerns. I had a possession charge that could have ruined my livelihood. I would 100% hire Kevin again without any hesitation.

B BowDown Google review by B BowDown

Kevin is highly qualified, trustworthy and dependable. Would recommend to anyone needing a defense attorney in Austin.

Lisa Moore Google review by Lisa Moore

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! USE HIM !!!Kevin Bennett was on top of literally everything from start to finish. He handled majority of the requirements by the court on his side of things. Being out of state, this made a frustrating circumstance a lot easier. Instead of having to jump through hoops that demand a lot of time, he made the process much more convenient. When I sat down w/ him he was patient, knowledgeable about the situation, and willing to help. After he LISTENED to me, he was straight forward and presented different/ALL possible options based off my case - which eventually led to a dismissal. Without him Im sure of a different outcome. Im grateful. Thanks Kevin

Ryan Vialpando Google review by Ryan Vialpando

I had been in some trouble in my teen years and now a mother and college student my record was haunting me. I searched online and saw Kevin had great reviews I decided to call him and hired him.Kevin got my record expunged without any issues and quickly I am very pleased with his help. I would recommend him to any friends/ family members if a lawyer is ever needed.

Selina Martinez Google review by Selina Martinez

I worked with Kevin on several projects late last year and found him to be a very detailed and professional DWI attorney in Austin, TX. I was most impressed with his work with expunging cases - that is, having criminal cases sealed. He is very knowledgeable in the DUI and DWI legal areas and he works hard to remain up-to-date on all relevant changes in the law. Anyone who needs a criminal lawyer in Austin would be in goods hands with Kevin Bennett.

Raymond Campbell Google review by Raymond Campbell

He quickly responded and I had a positive experience. The outcome was more than I expected. I will refer his services to my family and friends.

Santiago Jr Perez Google review by Santiago Jr Perez

Kevin Bennett was my first choice for a lawyer in Travis county as he was one of the highest rated lawyers, and for good reason. I had a public defender for my first 2 weeks which didnt go well and was also the reason I chose paid counseling. Kevin was with me every step of the way and constantly made phone calls or sent out emails to let me know how my case was progressing or to answer my general questions. He was able to break things down for me to help me better understand all my options. Overall I was extremely happy with Mr.Bennett and would use him again or recommend him to a friend, although I hope I never have to.

Qetzayah Hawkins Google review by Qetzayah Hawkins

It is wonderful when you get superior service and a reasonable fee from a true professional. No muss, no fuss. Just great work, Professional, prompt and knowledgeable. 5 stars if you have anything that needs legal review. Comes from a long line of Texas lawyers as well.

Macromental Google review by Macromental

I highly recommend Kevin Bennet's services to anyone who requires any legal services and representation. Not only does he have an indepth knowledge of the law in the Austin-Texas area and the nation at large, he also is accessible, has a listening ear and he is straightforward. He will help guide you on what things to to do from the outset to help your case and what to most likely expect as the outcome of the case, too. During the entire legal processes of your case, he will keep communicating with you through calls and mail, updating and giving you feedback. His professionalism is also top-notch. I very strongly recommend his services.

Uncle Prince Google review by Uncle Prince

Kevin Bennett is a diamond in the rough, he does what he says hes going to do, quickly and efficiently. Not all attorneys are created equal, I highly recommend Kevin and his team.

Troy Kehoe Google review by Troy Kehoe

Kevin has a clear understanding about the law. Kevin was always prepared, and I could depend on his persistence. Kevin was able to get the best possible outcome. I highly recommend his services if you are in the Austin area.

CJ Google review by CJ

I highly recommend Kevin Bennett for his services. He was a miracle for my case! He is knowledgeable about the law, provided quick responses via a phone call, text, or email. He allayed my anxiety and fears. He is compassionate, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, and gets the job done promptly!!

Callie Waters Google review by Callie Waters

Judge Grizzard told me that Mr Bennett was a very smart man. Hearing that made me realize that having Mr Bennett represent me was one of the best decisions I have made. Since I was new to the Justice system he made the whole process very smooth. Mr Bennett was extremely detailed when he explained all the options to me. He was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. He always kept me updated with what he was doing, and even provided important information I would have never thought of asking about. He was able to get one charge dismissed and helped me get into Drug Court so my other charge will eventually be off my record. He works his butt off for you.I would highly recommend hiring Kevin Bennett if you are unfortunate enough to be in a situation that requires his outstanding services. He really cares about his clients. He is a very trustworthy man.THANK YOU VERY MUCH KEVIN!!!!

Dana R Google review by Dana R

I found Kevin Bennett after reading all of the great reviews. Kevin is an amazing lawyer who put 100% effort into all aspects of my case. He was always on top of every detail and seemed to know exactly what to do and when. He breaks things down and really explains the nuances of the law and how it applies to your case. You can really tell that he knows his way around the courts and is a respected defense lawyer. He will do his best to get your case dismissed and Im glad I trusted him to get mine dismissed. He is also an honest and straight forward lawyer. A+ for sure.

Joseph Standley Google review by Joseph Standley

After a terrible experience with another lawyer working on my case, I sought out to Kevin Bennett who was more than willing to help me and work with me to get better legal aid. From my first inquiry Kevin displayed a clear knowledge of the law, working very quickly and diligently to make progress on my case. Throughout the entire process Kevin was very communicative with me, and was very quick to let me know what to expect in the process/results of his court proceedings on my behalf, all qualities I find to be extremely important and necessary in a great lawyer. The results of my case were better than I could have imagined, and I am so fortunate to have selected Kevin Bennett as my lawyer. I would recommend him to those closest to me or anyone seeking legal aid, as he truly made a great impact and impression on me.

Mikayla Rodriguez Google review by Mikayla Rodriguez

Mr Bennett was my first choice in selecting a defense attorney after dealing with an assault charge for the first time. Since Id never been through having to deal with any legal matters before, I was clueless about how to go about it. After looking up Mr Bennett online, I was confident he was the right attorney to represent me. He answered all my questions I had, responds super fast, and made me feel more at ease about everything. Mr Bennett was able to get my charges dismissed quickly and Im grateful for all his help in that scary time.

Seth Inman Google review by Seth Inman

Kevin Bennett is your guy if you need a criminal lawyer in Austin. He genuinely cares about you as a person and you are not just a case. Hes great at explaining the law and how it applies to your particular case. Kevin breaks down your options and tells you what he thinks is needed to give you the best chance of getting your case dismissed. Its also nice that he is incredibly responsive and will call you back or return an email almost instantly. Hardworking and honest lawyers can be hard to find but Kevin is one of them. Kevin is an amazing lawyer and comes highly recommended!

Lauren Ford Google review by Lauren Ford

I had an awesome experience, all of my questions were answered in a timely matter. He has a staff that are so polite and quick to call back. Mr.Bennett is so good at getting back to you with questions that you may have, or concerns. He makes sure you are prepared for everything you will do or need. I highly recomend him!!!

Rosa Fornespierantoni Google review by Rosa Fornespierantoni

Kevin Bennett delivers excellent communication & my case was dismissed quickly without compromising the results. He was happy to answer all my questions & made sure I had all my proper documentations. I would highly recommend him as your lawyer. I very much appreciate the dedication & hard work.

Kari LeCloux Google review by Kari LeCloux

Mr. Bennett helped me get an incident that happened many years ago sealed. It was fast and easy to work with him and his assistant. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and my record was sealed within a short time. I was very pleased with all of the work they did for me.

Yolanda Crow Google review by Yolanda Crow

I found Kevin to be very knowledgeable about Texas State laws. And was very helpful to me in my DWI/ACCIDENT case.

Robert Walczyk Google review by Robert Walczyk

Kevin Bennett is fantastic! I would highly recommend him as a criminal attorney for even my closest friends and family members!I was freaking out because my previous lawyer failed to complete my plea negotiation and a warrant was issued for my arrest three years ago! I no longer lived in the same state and felt very vulnerable and confused as I had completed the community service and classes facilitated through my previous lawyer.Mr. Bennett was able to quickly get up to speed, become familiar with the details and ultimately have the charges dismissed in both my civil and criminal cases. He wassuper responsive when communicating throughout my legal ordeal by immediately responding to my initial email and promptly returned all calls and emails throughout the process. More importantly, Mr. Bennett frequently contacted me to provide updates to my case. He walked me through all the potential issues and outcomes with honesty and sincerity, which further demonstrates hispatience and professionalism. As I described the urgency of the events, his warmth and compassion was welcoming and reassuring. Based on my circumstances he seems to be in high regard with both prosecutors and defendants alike. I cannot thank him or recommend him enough for his knowledge of the system, professionalism and care during this situation. I strongly recommend Kevin Bennett without any reservations.

Allison Trujillo Google review by Allison Trujillo

Kevin Bennett represented my son in a probation violation case. From the very beginning, he was a consummate professional. One of the most important aspects on the client-attorney relationship is good communication. Kevin began working on the case immediately and kept me continually updated on new developments. He was more than patient when my son made some poor decisions during the case and Kevin gave him very sound legal advice. I greatly appreciate Kevin's legal expertise and diligence. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation.

Sandy K Google review by Sandy K

Very professional and very thorough. I will always recomend him.

Dirk Villman Google review by Dirk Villman

I greatly appreciate Kevin's professionalism in handling my case. He really listened to me and my concerns. He answered all my questions quickly and in terms I could understand (he did't overwhelm me with legal jargon). I knew I was in good hands and am very grateful Kevin was able to work with me.

Amanda Martin Google review by Amanda Martin

Great for cps cases if you comply

Magarita Padilla Google review by Magarita Padilla

Kevin was absolutely great! We communicated over the phone, email, and text. He got my case expunged in a timely matter. Kevin's communication skills were VERY great and HELPED tremendously in understanding the case. I would DEFINETLY recommend!

Bri Vitan Google review by Bri Vitan

I have worked with Kevin, who is very honest, transparent and he does tell upfront everything . He went over and beyond taking care of record expunged. I would recommend him.

vivr agero Google review by vivr agero

I went to him about a month ago. Got my case handled and I am extremely happy with the service he provided. I will recommend him to anyone of my family members or friends with completely confidence he will take care of them!!!

Recovery Possible Google review by Recovery Possible

We were pleased with the way our case was handled by Kevin...efficiently, quickly, and he got a fair decision. He responded to us quickly with information when we first called and he responded quickly and with detail every time we contacted him via email. We are happy we chose him and would definitely recommend him to others.

JRP Hale Google review by JRP Hale

Kevin Bennett is a great lawyer. He will fight to get you the best result in your case that can be achieved. Bennett is a straight shooter and will always give you the truth. You dont have to worry about snake oil here.

Dalton Cutler Google review by Dalton Cutler

Ive known Kevin for over 15 years. He has integrity and a keen understanding of the law. Highly recommend!

RC Damle Google review by RC Damle

Absolutely the very best , most trustworthy and honest lawyer. Kevin says what hes going to do and does it ten fold. Kevin was able to save me from ten years in prison to a deferred misdemeanor that will come off my record.Honestly, I hope that I dont need him again but if I do Hes the very first person that I will call. If you are needing an HONEST attorney that has you in mind and heart , do not hesitate to consult him. His rates are reasonable and his work is outstanding!If I coukd give Kevin ten stars, I would!

b machen Google review by b machen

Kevin is a class act and is well-respected by peers and opponents alike. I have worked with Kevin on several serious criminal cases and he is hardworking and thorough. He knows how the system works and genuinely cares about his clients, which is a rare combination. Anytime I can refer him a criminal matter, I know the client will receive his best efforts and excellent representation.

Polo Gonzalez Google review by Polo Gonzalez

I was charged with a misdemeanor in 2016 and spoke with several different attorneys before I decided that Kevin was the best suited person to represent me with my case. Kevin guided me through every step of the process and his communication was beyond what I could have expected. His knowledge and experience showed from day 1 and I am so thankful he represented me in my case. I could not recommend anyone more in the Travis county area to assist you with legal help. He was able to get me the best possible outcome in my case (a dismissal) and I could not be more satisfied with his services.

Luke Yontz Google review by Luke Yontz

Mr. Bennet handled my case efficiently and we were in and out of the courthouse in an hour. I would highly recommend hiring his office to handle your case!

Courtney Hunt Google review by Courtney Hunt

I am thankful that my family chose Mr. Bennett to spearhead my case as he was consistently professional, knowledgeable, and available throughout the entire process. Mr. Bennett played a very active role and was always willing and able to answer all my questions, and he did so in a timely manner every time. My case was a family violence case that Mr. Bennett rightfully had dismissed. I truly believe that he is an exceptional attorney and I highly recommend him to others.

Jessica Anonymous Google review by Jessica Anonymous

Kevin is my go-to criminal attorney for client referrals. I am a civil/personal injury trial attorney, so criminal law might as well be a foreign language.. I view the practice of law as a specialty profession, and therefore want to refer my clients with criminal law questions to a lawyer I can trust. In the instances in which my clients need unrelated criminal law referrals, I send them to Kevin without hesitation. I have received nothing but positive feedback. He is a compassionate, kind and zealous advocate. He knows the law, the system and his way around the courthouse. All criminal defendants deserve excellent representation, and thats precisely what youll receive from the Law Office of Kevin Bennett.

Matt Breeland Google review by Matt Breeland

Kevin has been a very diligent and supportive attorney to work with. He managed to have my DWI case reduced from a Class A to a Class B with the ability to have it sealed from my record by petition later. This is a huge opportunity to not let my very serious error in judgement affect my long term employment future. Kevin has kept me informed through every step of the process and has been very patient in helping me to understand the different legal aspects of my case.

Maven Landscapes Google review by Maven Landscapes

I found Kevin via Google and picked him because of his glowing reviews and overall presentation. I 100% made the right choice and couldn't have picked a better attorney for my expunction. Kevin's communication throughout the whole process was excellent, I felt like he was invested in me and my case and he did everything the correct way in a very timely manner. I normally don't take the time to leave reviews but made an exception for Kevin Bennett. He rocks and I highly recommend him!

S. H. Google review by S. H.

An attorney that cares about veterans and is mindful of our sacrifices for our country!

Brad Cox Google review by Brad Cox

Kevin really does care about the situation you are in, and is willing to do whatever he can to get you out of it. He communicates very very well. Always letting you know what went on with your case that day as soon as possible. On top of all that he is very skilled him what he does he knows how to talk to the prosecutors, and finds out the best way to get you out of trouble. Highly recommend!!

Jacob Boos Google review by Jacob Boos

Kevin was very helpful, patient, and understanding. He was always available to answer any question I had regrading my case and was thorough in explaining everything in terms I would understand during this hard time. During my case I was very nervous to make sure that everything was in order, but Kevin was always there to make sure all was going smoothly and helped set my mind at ease.He was very knowledgeable in all aspects regarding my case and was always prepared for everything that came our way.I would highly recommend him for any case. I know it can be a scary time and you might not know what do, but Kevin will make sure to help you get through this with full understanding and patience.

Memory Gonzalez Google review by Memory Gonzalez

Kevin is a great compassionate and honest attorney which is not always easy to find. He is incredibly knowledgeable on the ins and outs as a criminal defense attorney no matter what side of the fence your case is on. He goes the extra mile to explain things that help you understand how things work. He's the guy for you if you want a true defender or fighter for your case. He's thorough and always the best choice when you need help.

Diane Bernard Google review by Diane Bernard

Life is full of challenges. If a situation arises where you find yourself asking "Who should I call to help me out?", then the answer is simple: Contact Kevin Bennett. Kevin has a special skill set that sets him apart from all other Attorneys. His knowledge of the law, combined with his ever- present communication with clients separates Kevin Bennett from all other Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Ryan Poplawski Google review by Ryan Poplawski

Im an attorney in Houston. I have worked with Kevin on many cases over the years. He is a terrific lawyer. He works incredibly hard and he truly really cares about the details. He has a strong reputation as a defense lawyer and he is the attorney I call when I have a DWI or other criminal defense referral in Austin. Ive heard nothing but great things from everyone I have sent his way.

Clifford Ashcroft-Smith Google review by Clifford Ashcroft-Smith

We live out of the Travis County area, so it was hard to find a lawyer that we trusted over the phone. From the first day, Kevin was timely and honest. He always got back with us, even when he was on vacation. We had a tough case and he was able to bring us relief. If for whatever reason I would need a lawyer again, Kevin would be the first one I'd call.

Kaley Malone Google review by Kaley Malone

I was very pleased with Mr. Bennett on how he resolved my childs class b case. He never gave up on my son even when communication became difficult with him. He gave my son the opportunity to get it resolved and put behind him and clearing it off his record. I world highly recommend his law office. He personally handled all the communication with us and we felt he cared to take the time to provide us updates on his case.

Nitza Taylor Google review by Nitza Taylor

Kevin Bennett got me out of a jam, wrapped my case up quickly, got fees deferred and reduced my sentence. Amazing man who I recommend to anyone in a jam.

Chris DeHoyos Google review by Chris DeHoyos

I could not recommend Kevin Bennett enough. He was quick to respond to my request for a petition for expunction following an Assault charge I received. The expunction went through smoothly due to his streamlined process and punctuality. The entire experience required minimal, if any, oversight and my questions were patiently answered - I would highly recommend Kevin's services to anyone who's had the unfortunate luck of being tangled in Travis County law and order.

UT Longhorn Google review by UT Longhorn

I was invited to Austin for a conference and, while out for a social get together, was stopped, questioned, and subsequently arrested for my for a minor class b misdemeanor charge. I was recommended by a colleague, who was a lawyer in Houston, to contact Kevin regarding my case. By the next morning Kevin's offices arranged for my prompt release from holding and immediately took on my case. Kevin assured me that he would handle my case without requiring me to come back to Austin, and he held to that promise. He is an excellent attorney and very knowledgable on criminal law. His communication with me was fantastic, as I would receive emails from him the same day and/or returned phone calls within a few days. His office seemed to take an interest in my case, regardless of severity, and treated it just the same as any other criminal case. Kevin would provide me information on what to expect prior to any actions he took on my behalf, and this thoroughly helped speed up the process, as I knew what to do or complete before he even needed to go speak to a prosecutor. All in all, he was able to get the misdemeanor charge reduced to a class c charge, and then dismissed all together. I worked with him after the statue of limitations to have the case expunged from records, and even still he was prompt and very helpful. Although this was a first incident for me, and hopefully last, if I was to find myself in a tight spot in Austin I would turn to no one other than Kevin for defense.

Nachiket Bhujbal Google review by Nachiket Bhujbal

Kevin is an amazing advocate and a great person. His knowledge of the law and the local court systems is unmatched.If you need someone to defend you, and you want someone who cares about how they do it, then Kevin Bennet is who you call.

Joel Davenport Google review by Joel Davenport

Kevin kept me posted on everything from the moment he took on my case until the court date, I felt confident that I was in good hands . I would recommend Kevin Bennett to all my friends and Family members that need a Good Attorney Kevin never made me feel like I didnt deserve chance!Thank you !Kevin Bennett

Laura Conn Google review by Laura Conn

Kevin is a fantastic lawyer who is knowledgeable, direct, honest, fair and most of all respectful. We sought Kevin out when my 19 y/o who was struggling with a drinking/drug problem made a poor decision and was charged with Felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He was facing serious prison time. Kevin worked diligently on my sons case taking ample time to visit him at the jail; discuss his case, including potential out comes, evidence the DA had against him, and what the path looked like to improve his outcome in court. Kevin always made us feel like we were his only client. He took time to answer any questions or concerns our family had regarding the case. He was very charismatic with the DA and other lawyers in the court roomits easy to see he is a well-respected/liked amongst his peers. Kevin always came into the courtroom well prepared and strategically fought for a fair outcome. After facing a very tough DA Kevin was able to work with her and bring my sons charges down to a Class A Misdemeanor. Overall, Kevin embodies everything you could want/need in a lawyer and he will fight for his clients to get a fair and just outcome. I cant say enough good things about him.

Melinda Brown Google review by Melinda Brown

Kevin, was amazing! He was so understanding of everything, wasnt judgmental, and always answered my questions fast, either through email, or text messages, calls, etc. Hes very knowledgeable, and always kept us informed. He works fast and efficient. Gave us peace of mind knowing he had our case in his hands. It was a scary thing to have to deal with, but the fact that he was on the case put you more at ease. Id recommend him to anyone. We had a class C misdemeanor dismissed, with in no time. He knows what hes doing and he knows the system well, he has great attitude and was so nice throughout the whole situation. I really appreciate his help with the whole situation. Truly amazing person. Thank you again Kevin!

Janet Murillo Google review by Janet Murillo

Great lawyer! Nice and responsible.

Thao Nguyen Google review by Thao Nguyen

Kevin is a first class criminal defense attorney who is great with communication and getting results. Id highly recommend him to anybody wanting the best attorney in town.

Dan Byler Google review by Dan Byler

professional, convenient, and flexible. He makes the process easy for someone who works full time.

Bethany Adams Google review by Bethany Adams

Kevin is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Angie Webster Google review by Angie Webster

My case was pretty straightforward and easy. I was a first-time offender who received a possession of marijuana charge. Mr. Bennett took my case with no problem and was always concise and professional with our communication dealings. My case wasn't nearly as complicated as some of the others that I have read about on his review page but I know that he was still very knowledgeable about what my options were, how I should handle this, and my case was dismissed because I was a first-time offender. I'm glad that I paid for Mister Bennett's services and I will use him again in the future if I need legal counsel.

Chapparel Renode Google review by Chapparel Renode

Kevin did a great job on my daughter's PI case in getting it promptly dismissed. He communicated accurately and was dependable, timely and thorough throughout the case.

Keith Staudt Google review by Keith Staudt

Mr. Bennet was very professional and got the job done. I will recommend him to anyone.

Ty Taylor Google review by Ty Taylor

Kevin was a great choice. He kept us updated at each step, was professional in each interaction, and achieved the outcome we were seeking in a timely manner. He also helped with referring us to another lawyer regarding another matter, which we very much appreciated. We definitely recommend him to others.

Mike James Google review by Mike James

Kevin was such a great attorney. I never had to doubt him. He represented me in a way that I have never felt so secure. I even led him to a friend of mine who he helped get out of a bad situation. He really cares about the people.

Kathleen Tercero Google review by Kathleen Tercero

Mr. Bennett was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He communicated with us every step of the way and always responded promptly to any questions. I would highly recommend him for any case.

Casandra Martinez Google review by Casandra Martinez

Mr. Bennett helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him.

Aly Ehlinger Google review by Aly Ehlinger

I am a fellow attorney in Houston and have worked on numerous cases with Kevin. Kevin has always worked with me and helped develop a strategy that benefits the client on all cases. In addition to this I have sent friends and family members to Kevin on cases in Austin. Those people have always given me very positive feedback on Kevins services.

Andrew Wright Google review by Andrew Wright

I highly recommend Kevin as a criminal defense attorney. He is very professional and prompt when it comes to his clients needs.

Ashley Byler Google review by Ashley Byler

I got into some trouble one night and was charged with DWI and a Hit & Run. I was referred to Kevin by a friend. Kevin was truly a life saver. He worked with the prosecutor aggressively and was able to get an impressive plea bargain. He got the DWI dismissed and reduced down to Obstruction of Highway deferred. The Hit and Run was dismissed and reduced to a Class C speeding ticket deferred. Overall I would highly recommend Kevin, he kept me updated throughout the entire process and new the law very well.

Longhorn Football Google review by Longhorn Football

I got arrested for possession of marijuana while visiting family in texas. Mr. Bennett got my 6 month case dismissed in about 5 weeks without me having to go down there from NY. He was very thorough and accurate when communicating details of the court appearances. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Robert Alers Google review by Robert Alers

Kevin helped me out with a non-disclosure issue on an old case. He was very responsive and helpful throughout the process and with any questions I had. He knew exactly what to do, followed up with me quickly on a couple of questions that popped up, and handled everything end-to-end.

Matthew Smith Google review by Matthew Smith

I had absolutely no idea which attorney I was going to choose at the beginning of my case. Fortunately I came across Kevin Bennett and read some of the positive things previous clients had to say, all of which turned out be true. Kevin was persistent and kept me up to date about my case constantly. There was plenty of communication and getting in touch with Kevin was very easy. Even when I missed a court date, Kevin never lost interest in my case or in me as a client. I was left satisfied with the results of my case and would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

Eddie Pichardo Google review by Eddie Pichardo

Great line of communication throughout the process. Got what I needed done in a quick manner.

Frank Zhang Google review by Frank Zhang

I went to law school with Kevin. I went with him to undergrad with Kevin. I worked part-time jobs with Kevin. I have known Kevin a very very very long time. As the clerk of courts of the largest county in Texas, I got to witness his ability as an attorney. I highly recommend him in any capacity that you hire him for. And Im happy to vouch for him and stand beside him in court as Co-counsel any day.

Chris Daniel Google review by Chris Daniel

I was referred to Kevin by a college of mine to deal with a criminal legal matter I was involved in. Kevin was very communicative from the beginning and guided me through the entire legal process. After being very satisfied with my legal proceedings, I have referred multiple friends to Kevin and encourage you to seek his expertise if and when the time comes.

E Kimble Google review by E Kimble

I could not recommend Kevin Bennett enough. He responded quickly to my request to petition for an order of non-disclosure. He was honest and upfront about potential outcomes and worked me in his busy schedule quickly at reasonable fees. In the end, he worked hard and fast to achieve the desired outcome. He was very proactive in communicating with me each step of the way and explaining things in simple terms. A true law professional who knows his stuff and puts his client first.

Beto Joseph Google review by Beto Joseph

Kevin negotiated my cases 2UC 1POM with ease and competence while regularly keeping me informed of any progress or changes in the cases and once to politely remind me to complete my, "Client homework." He is an excellent lawyer and I couldn't be happier with having trusting Kevin Bennett to handle my cases.

Rhett H Google review by Rhett H

My experience with Kevin was that of genuine compassion for his client, my close friend. Kevin is extremely intelligent, dependable and on the ball!He was well prepared, persistent and softly aggressive in his clients defense. He got favorable results for a violation of felony DWI probation case. He was great at keeping us informed every step of the way, which helped reduce our anxiety. He always responded to our questions in a timely manner and gave us all his attention. I recently had the opportunity to meet and work with one of his peers. She reiterated that Kevin is a knowledgeable, professional well respected attorney. Kevin is a Stand Up Guy! I highly recommend him.

Heidi Muth Google review by Heidi Muth

Knowledgeable and quick to respond, handled my cases very well. Highly recommend.

Christopher Peek Google review by Christopher Peek

I am beyond thankful for my case getting completely DISMISSED. Kevin's communication through out the process kept me relieved while waiting and kept me positive through a very taxing time in my life. I am glad I chose him to represent me! I will be forever thankful!

Sarah Reilly Google review by Sarah Reilly

I did so much research before picking Kevin as my lawyer. after reading the reviews my heart felt comfortable trusting him. my case was very crucial to my future as i was an immigrant and if i got convicted i can get deported!! I never had lawyer before i never got in trouble before i was very anxious and i was emailing him day and night and let me tell you he is amazing at communicating with his clients he answers right away addresses everything i asked for in details!! he is very patient and he was able to get my case dismissed in less than 2 months while it could've got dragged for 6-8 months!!! He also doesn't over promise and gives you realistic expectations while i had other lawyers tell me in confidence without even knowing much about my case they will dismiss it to get my money. I know there are so many defense lawyers out there it could get frustrating trying to chose the right one but from my experience i tell you look no further chose Kevin Bennett!! Thank you for giving me amazing experience as my first lawyer with such terrible unfortunate event. He literally saved my career and future NO EXAGGERATION!!! Will be going back to him next year for expunction no doubt!

amani jlassi Google review by amani jlassi

Searching for the right lawyer for my case was one of the hardest things I have had to do. Kevin Bennett was a very calming force in my life at a very turbulent time. He was exactly what I needed to not only resolve my case in my favor but also illuminate what felt like a meek future to me. I made the right choice in picking Kevin. He helped me get my Class B Misdemeanor case dismissed. He is very efficient, timely, and knowledgeable about the process and will help you through in the best way possible. I definitely recommend him.

Sonam Kapoor Google review by Sonam Kapoor

I have known Kevin for a number of years, and I would not hesitate to refer family or friends to him for their criminal defense needs in the Austin area. Kevin is straight forward and honest, and he possesses a keen intellect. His deep knowledge of the law, an efficient work style, and an empathetic approach to clients needs combine to make him an outstanding criminal defense lawyer.

Josh G Google review by Josh G

Mr. Bennett has helped me on few different matters. Always has been professional, insightful, and diligent.

Avery Martin Google review by Avery Martin

I have nothing but good things to say about Kevin Bennett. He was able to get my charge dismissed and then handled the expunction. He replies promptly and is extremely professional. Kevin really helped make a stressful time in my life much easier. I would recommend him as a criminal defense attorney.

J A Google review by J A

Kevin is honest and pro-active. Doesn't set false expectations and absolutely no exaggerations. Prompt service and replies to emails/calls or any questions. Glad to hire in future as well

Naight Frill Google review by Naight Frill

It's hard to describe what peace of mind means to someone. Having an otherwise clean record, I had no experience with the legal system. Kevin not only navigated the system for me, but kept in touch and made sure I was aware of what was going on at all times. He's honest, communicates well, but most of all he gives you peace of mind. As a client of Kevin's, I knew exactly what needed to be done but didn't feel rushed or nervous. I was able to go about every day life without the thought of losing my freedom. I cannot recommend him enough.

Quinn Allen Google review by Quinn Allen

Kevin Bennett did a excellent job of getting a dismissal of my DWI. He was thorough with all of his communications with me. His knowledge of the law was impressive to say the least. Overall, if i ever have a case in the future, this is the guy i will use.

Nick Scroggins Google review by Nick Scroggins

Kevin's professionalism, office, work ethic, and knowledge of the law was the perfect choice to handle my case. For something so silly as POM which could result in a difficult situation, Kevin was able to get the case dismissed. I recommend Kevin to anyone in need of a great attorney when you are in an uncomfortable, stressful situation with the law.

James Stewart Google review by James Stewart

Kevin was immensely helpful in handling a particularly complex case involving multiple charges against a family member. From the outset, he was reassuring and helped us understand the process. He always had time for updates and to answer questions; he kept us appraised of the status of the cases throughout. His knowledge of law and strategy was on-point in our case, and the resolution was as good as we could have hoped, with reduction and subsequent dismissal of the charges. I highly recommend him.

Rick Adams Google review by Rick Adams

While Kevin doesn't practice the specific business needs I required, he was very curtious and went out of his way to call me back with a reference that looks like exactly what I need. He will be on my short list if I require his services, for sure.

Stacy Smith Google review by Stacy Smith

Kevin is a very pleasant and efficient attorney! I do not know how many attorneys you can say that about. He helped me expunge two older cases that were dismissed earlier for Assault so that the cases are no longer on my record. His communication was to the point and he kindly answered any questions. I highly recommend Kevin. No need to look any further. Thanks, KEVIN!

Lori Humphreys Google review by Lori Humphreys

If you are looking for a lawyer that genuinely cares about you and your case, do not hesitate to speak with Kevin. I was charged with a class B misdemeanor when I reached out to Kevin as I have never had issues with the law and was highly naive. He was very communicative regarding my case, and worked through the best options for me as this could have ruined my professional career. He was extremely knowledgeable on my situation and even predicted (based on his knowledge) how the case would turn out. In the end he worked with the prosecutor to dismiss my charges, and I am so thankful that I trusted my case with him. I will reiterate one more time that if you are looking for the best legal counsel, speak with Kevin.

Justin Johnson Google review by Justin Johnson

Kevin was thorough, prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and communicative. I was very impressed with how he handled my case, and with how he directly communicated with me proactively. Other attorneys tend to have you chase them for info, or you maintain a relationship with their secretaries or legal assistants. Thank you Kevin!

Mari Edwards Google review by Mari Edwards

Mr. Bennett was such a blessing in my case. He was very understanding, patient, and informative. As I have never needed an attorney before, and I was also out of County, I did not know what to expect. He was always informative, most of my court dates were attended by him, and it was a great comfort to know that he handled my case so diligently and with expedient and favorable results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.

Kelley Spotts-Strickland Google review by Kelley Spotts-Strickland

Of all the attorneys I have worked with Kevin was the most personable, he is direct and straightforward in a friendly way and his work is exceptional. He communicates well and answers all questions. I have already referred him to clients and friends of mine and will continue to do so into the future.

Dan West Google review by Dan West

Mr. Bennett was a consummate professional throughout my legal proceedings, and he provided me with the highest level of representation. He attended court in my stead on multiple occasions, and ultimately obtained a dismissal of charges which could have had a dramatic impact on my life and career. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney that will legitimately fight for them.

William Fisher Google review by William Fisher

I had a Misdemeanor, the whole process was smooth. Our fiduciary relation was effective with his relevant rapport and knowledge. I'm very grateful for all his help, patience and understanding. i would definitely recommend him who needs guidance in legal matters.

amarnath cv Google review by amarnath cv

Mr Bennett handled my daughters Misdemeanor Expunction case with great professionalism. We both live in different cities and contacted him thru email and phone. He was excellent communicating and following thru what needed to be done to get the case to completion. Immediate contact and PDF files sent to us after final court hearing. We are very grateful for his service. I would highly recommend his office.

Darlene Crane Google review by Darlene Crane

Kevin has been a HUGE help with my recent DWI! I couldnt imagine going through this without him. He was so kind and got the case dismissed! I have referred many friends and will continue to do so! Thank you so much Kevin!

Kimberly Spicer Google review by Kimberly Spicer

He is very prompt and knowledgeable. The state will take advantage of you if you don't have proper legal representation. Case dismissed!

Patrick G Google review by Patrick G

Mr. Bennett is a "must have" lawyer for anyone in the Austin area with a pending DWI, DUI charge. Daughter was brought up on DWI charges, he got it dismissed and reduced to an obstruction of lane charge with probation. The whole situation could have been tons worse, but Mr. Bennett communicated exceptionally well with me and my daughter, made it easy to understand the process and kept us informed at every step with the process moving forward!If you have thoughts of using someone else, don't do it! Hire Kevin!!

Paul Ex Google review by Paul Ex

Having known Kevin professionally for many years, I can attest to his diligence and tenacity in working on a case. He regularly goes beyond the norm to help his clients. Highest recommendation!

Stephen Cohn Google review by Stephen Cohn

[I am using this account for confidentiality purposes]I just recieved my final successful verdict today, working with Mr. Bennett. There were a few things I really liked about dealing with Mr. Bennett. First, I called about 15-20 attorney's and tested their knowledge to ensure I'd be comfortable, after having a bad experience. No attorney I called surpassed Mr. Bennett's experience and expertise. What I really liked was Mr. Bennett, from the start, when I asked him about his knowledge in cases like mine, he told me exactly what I needed to know, and judging from his knowledge, I became immediately comfortable. I never felt like I was left in the dark with him, as I have with previous attorneys. He handled my case with urgency. And, even though my case wasn't a large case, I never felt like I was in a waiting line, he always answers or will actually call you back or email quickly. Simply, I had a great experience with Mr. Bennett and I would refer anyone in Austin to at least call him or sit down with him and see if his knowledge alone won't leave you with the understanding that he can handle your case in flying colors.P.S. He also has a great BBB rating & is in good active status on the Bar as well. I did my research. Great Attorney from my experience.

Anonymous Joe Google review by Anonymous Joe

Good place

Mina Ansari Google review by Mina Ansari

Kevin is great, considerate and gets things done quickly. He was very transparent and upfront in the process, and you can tell he has vast experience handling different situations.

Paul Coggiola Google review by Paul Coggiola

Okay this guy was honestly a pleasure to work with. He was extremely easy to talk to but at the same time carried himself in a professional way. He was able to get my charges dismissed. Good guy,. Works hard. Definitely hire this guy. 5 stars

Ut_dt 94 Google review by Ut_dt 94

Kevin Bennett was retained for a Disorderly Conduct charge. Kevin handled the case from the preliminary hearing and later, through his efforts, was able to obtain a successful Expunction.As a business professional I have worked with a number of attorney's for more than 30 years and have found Kevin Bennett to be among the best. His professionalism, knowledge of the law, attention to detail and communication skills were impeccable.I would highly recommend Kevin Bennett to anyone needing the Legal services he can provide.

Ken Google review by Ken

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Bennett. My experience with him as my attorney was extremely gratifying. My case involved multiple charges (misdemeanors). Firstly, he was extremely prompt in responding to all my emails. Mr. Bennett was always guiding me step by step throughout the process and showed me the right path. He was very prepared for every meeting and answered any questions I had promptly. Mr. Bennett took a lot of interest in my case, whether this was helping me fill out applications for the Pre-Trial Diversion program, advising me to start my community service earlier, or just submitting any documents that would further strengthen my case. My favorite attribute of Mr. Bennett is his confidence. Although I had two charges, I was at ease because I had left everything in the able hands of Mr. Bennett. I knew that his expertise and persistence would allow me to get out of this unfortunate situation and start my life afresh. I recommend anyone in legal trouble to hire Mr. Bennett. Hiring Mr. Bennett has been the best decision that my family and I could have made.

In Si Google review by In Si

Kevin Bennett will keep you updated on your case as developments happen , very friendly and approachable.He is very knowledgeable of the law,He was able to manage my case without having any interference with my profession,He was able to get the case dismissed as he expected in a timely manner.provided me with peace of mind.

Ramzi Saman Google review by Ramzi Saman

Being in trouble for the first time ever, and from California, I was really worried and didn't know what to expect. But from the moment I contacted Kevin, I felt comfortable that things would turn out well.Kevin had my case dismissed within months. I never had to fly back to Austin. He handled the whole thing and kept me updated all the time.I don't have a lot of experience with Lawyers, but I'm glad I picked Kevin.

Don Hair Google review by Don Hair

My experience with Kevin was very positive. Kevin handled my situation from start to finish while providing proactive updates and important information throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Kevin for legal advice.

Tom Gary Google review by Tom Gary

Kevin is one of the most caring and professional attorneys practicing in Austin, Texas. Past clients that I have referred to Kevin have all commented on how happy they were to have Kevin on their side. If anyone needs help with a Criminal Law matter, Kevin Bennett should be at the top of their list.

clifford swayze Google review by clifford swayze

When I found out I had to get a lawyer on some charges that were from 20 yrs ago that I was never aware of I was truly scared. I have never been in trouble with the law and never needed the help of a lawyer at that. I picked Mr. Bennett based off good reviews. I must admit I was skeptical because I have always heard not to nice things about lawyers in general only working for their benefit so needless to say I was worried. Despite my fear he made the process really easy for me and was great about informing me when something was going on with my case. I also liked how he tried to put my mind at ease at times and that helped. He was able to get my case taken care of and it was such a huge burden lifted off me. Thank you so much Mr. Bennett and I will be sure to give your name to anyone I hear is in need of a good defense lawyer.

amy cooper Google review by amy cooper

I had been dealing with a DWI case for nearly two years with another lawyer who wasted my time prior to finding Kevin Bennett. As soon as Kevin was contacted he started researching my case and would always be quick to respond to any calls or emails. He was very professional and upfront about his thoughts regarding my case and always made himself available.Kevin always kept me updated regarding any changes and assisted me with so many things related to my case. A short while after contacting Kevin and he had gotten everything taken care of and sorted out for me. I would highly recommend Kevin to anybody and will always keep him in mind should I encounter any other legal troubles.

Teodoro Ruiz Google review by Teodoro Ruiz

I contacted Mr. Bennett after getting a PI in Austin, TX. I was only visiting Austin for a couple of days and live a couple of hours away. Even so, Mr. Bennett made the whole process very easy for me, helping make sure I understood the steps and actions I could take and helping me pick the best one for my situation. His communication with me was very good and he showed a lot of interest in my case. All-in-all I believe he made the process a lot more smooth and less stressful on me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Chad McFatridge Google review by Chad McFatridge

Kevin Bennett is bar-none the best Attorney I have ever worked with. When I received a call that my son (College Student) had got in some trouble for 'minor in possession of marijuana, under 2oz, I was frantic and heartbroken.We did not live in Austin so, I was at my wits end. Thank God, my web search found Mr. Bennett. He was extremely empathetic and assured me it was not the end of the world. He informed me of the process, gave us some options and offered to represent our son, if needed.He took the initial payment over the phone and immediately went to work. He seems to approach this case as though he knew us personally. He told us what the courts may recommend and advised us to complete these tasks prior to our initial court date.My son was not immediately able to complete the 'Possession Class' or the 'Community Service', due to his school/work schedule. But, Mr. Bennett was able to extend the court date for us. He kept in constant communication with us throughout the entire process which, is admirable. He was not a Ghost Attorney after our payment(s).I pray that we never need another Criminal Attorney but, if we do there is no doubt I would call Mr. Bennett. I cannot express how appreciative I am for his exceptional service.

Keri A Google review by Keri A

Mr. Bennett is a very up front attorney.He makes sure that you have no surprises when it is time for court. This is the best quality that an attorney can have for his clients. He presents the information in terms that you can understand. He never has you go to court unless it is absolutely needed, steers you down a path that will help your case prior to even going to court that strengthens your case when it is presented to the judge and DA.In my opinion, Mr. Bennett has been one of the best attorneys that I have ever had and would recommend him to my best friends and family as well as anyone in any situation that he practices law.I have to thank Mr. Bennett for great representation!

Suzy Chambers Google review by Suzy Chambers

Kevin Bennett was my attorney for an assault charge that I had and he was amazing, he got my charges dropped!! Anytime I contacted him he would get back to me the same day sometimes it was even within five minutes. He is very full of knowledge of the law, any question I had he knew and was very helpful, especially since I am not familiar of the law. I would recommend Kevin to anyone and would definitely use him again if anything ever happen. Hes full of integrity, professional, and a very caring person!!

Ashley Raben Google review by Ashley Raben

When my wife ran into a little trouble I didn't know what to do or who to call. I was very pleased to find Kevin online. Kevin was very professional and knowledgeable. He guided me through the legal processes and then my wife. He led us step by step through the case making sure that we understood. His communication was excellent through the entire process and he was able to get the charges dismissed. I would highly recommend Kevin if you ever need an attorney.

CowboyNDuke Google review by CowboyNDuke

Kevin Bennett is an excellent lawyer. He worked diligently on my case, which was extremely evident. He did everything he possibly could to help me, which is something I valued greatly. He was always prompt in getting back to me or getting in touch with me. He was always on time or early and prepared. Additionally, when I have had other legal questions, not even regarding my own personal case, he has generously and altruistically helped me. He does not judge people, but rather, sees each individual as a person in need of help. I would say it is rare to find such an honest, decent and hard-working person. His assiduousness, extensive knowledge of the law and respectable nature make him an invaluable member of the legal community and I would go out of my way to recommend him as an attorney.

Papper K. Google review by Papper K.

I am so very glad I came across Kevin online and decided to utilize his services. Kevin is very professional and very knowledgeable. When I contacted him he took the time to really listen to my situation and to offer me options as to how we could proceed with my case. He was able to get my charges reduced and in the end dismissed. Hopefully I won't need a lawyer anytime again but if I do, Kevin will be my attorney.

Edward Nimons Google review by Edward Nimons

Kevin Bennett helped me with a misdemeanor and did an excellent job. I live out of town, and he went out of his way to help me deal with everything remotely. He kept me apprised of the situation and handled everything in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the whole process (and outcome) and will definitely use Kevin for any future legal needs.

Brad Parker Google review by Brad Parker

My son moved to Texas from California. Within a couple months of being in Texas he was arrested for possession of felony quantity of Marijuana. We Googled the web and found Kevin! He was attentive from my very first phone call to him. Even without the payment of a single cent he starting taking steps to get my son out of jail and take on his representation. He was there whenever I needed to speak to him even from California. He worked hard and long hours, I know this because he answered his cell phone at 1:30 a.m., and every other time I called late night or early morning. Hes dedicated and he kept in contact with me and my son regarding his case status.Hes awesome and honest and dedicated. I recommend Mr. Bennett highly. My son's felony was reduced to a misdemeanor! :-)

Dora Monroy Google review by Dora Monroy

Kevin helped me with a misdemeanor charge in Austin. I was there on vacation and had a public intoxication charge. Being from Canada, I was worried about having to travel back to Austin. This was not the case. Kevin took care of everything for me and got the case dismissed. I would 100% recommend Kevin as a lawyer.

John Revered Google review by John Revered