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Defenses against BAC Blood Test in your DWI case

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains the multitude of ways that he can challenge BAC results, when a blood sample is given. From the qualifications of the individual administering the test to the possibility of contamination, all the facts of your case go toward providing you with the best defense possible.

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Transcription below:

“If I’m defending a DWI blood test, that means my client’s blood has been drawn for blood alcohol concentration analysis. Blood tests are regarded as more accurate than breath tests. One thing I do like about blood tests, in addition to them being more accurate, is that you can retest blood. If someone has given a breath test, we can’t go back and test that. All we can is look at what the machine said they were at the time. But if we have blood results, we can go back and send that to an independent lab, if we need to. We can also challenge the blood itself. Who drew the blood? Was the person who drew the blood, authorized by law to do so? We can see a video of my client actually having his or her blood drawn, and make sure that that was in a sanitary environment. We can also look at contamination in the blood. For example, oftentimes you see extremely high levels of alcohol, and oftentimes that’s due to hand sanitizer.”

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