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Protecting your Professional License from DWI Penalties in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains how necessary it is to protect your professional license from penalty of a DWI conviction.

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Transcription below:

“Being arrested for a DWI is always scary. Your livelihood is on the line. But that is especially true if you are a working professional with a professional license that may be at stake. Now, that could be anything from being a teacher, to a nurse, to an electrician. Depending on what happens with your case, that could possibly cause you to, either lose your license or to possibly have it suspended. So the stakes are incredibly high. What I will do with all my clients is, I will do everything I can to protect their license; because that’s their livelihood. That’s how they take care of themselves and their family. So when I’m fighting for my client, I’m not just fighting for them, I’m fighting for their families as well. Oftentimes, what I will do is, I will use my resources and connections with Administrative Law lawyers and we will tackle my client’s case together. I will have someone work before the nursing board to help protect my client’s license, while I help them on the criminal side and we will work together as a team on that.”

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