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Primary Steps of Defending your DWI Arrest in Texas

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, outlines the areas of interest that he focuses on when defending your DWI arrest.

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Transcription below:

“If you do end up getting arrested at the end of the DWI investigation, we can still fight that. The very first thing we’re always going to look for in a DWI investigation; we’re going to look at the stop. Was the stop valid? Because the police can’t just pull people over for no reason. They have to have a legal justification to do that. If there is not a valid reason, then that evidence is suppressible. That means that all evidence could be thrown out against you. That could be field sobriety tests; any admissions you made; any breath or blood. The stop is always where you want to start with a DWI investigation. If there’s no legal issue with the stop, we’re going to look at the field sobriety test. Did the officer administer the field sobriety test correctly? Were they certified to administer those field sobriety tests? And then we’re going to look at how you performed on field sobriety tests. A lot of attorneys make the mistake of just looking at the police report and assuming that the officer put everything in there as truth. But oftentimes when reviewing police reports to the video, the video looks quite different than how the officer states. If you do end up getting arrested, and you have provided breath or blood, we can look at those results and attack those results.”

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