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Tell your side of the story through your Domestic Violence Attorney

From the first meeting, Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, helps you recall and tell your side of events in a Domestic Violence case.

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Transcription below:

“One of the first things when meeting with my client in my office, in a domestic violence case is, I will go over the police report with them. And I will read what the police are alleging, and also what the police are alleging my client may have told them, or what the other party, the alleged victim, told the police. And one of the first things that happen is, my client will tell me, I didn’t say those things, or they twisted my words, or that’s not what I meant. Being able to listen to my client and understand exactly what happened and being able to present that to a prosecutor and show them our version of the events; and here’s what we say happened. That takes a particular skill set.”

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