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Legal Justification for Search in Drug Offense cases in Texas

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, shares the importance of police’s Legal Justification throughout every step of your traffic stop. If he finds that you weren’t treated lawfully during any point of the stop, your Drug Offense could be deemed inadmissible.

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Transcription below:

“It’s very important that when my client is pulled over, that it was done in a lawful manner. That the officer actually had reasonable suspicion or probable cause that my client committed an offense, for them to stop and detain them. And in the course of a traffic stop, it’s usually going to be some type of violation of the Texas Transportation Code. As soon as the officer makes contact with my client, I want to be able to identify what my client said to the officer. Is there anything that my client said to the officer that may have given that officer probable cause to search my client’s vehicle, or to further detain them, or ask them to get out of their vehicle. If my client’s rights were violated in a traffic stop, that is something that I will want to bring to the court’s attention and I will file a motion to suppress and do everything that I can to get any evidence of my client’s drug offense thrown out.”

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