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How a Domestic Violence case Escalates to a Felony

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains a couple examples of how a Domestic Violence case can become a Felony offense.

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Transcription below:

“Typical situations in which someone might find themselves charged with a felony domestic violence case, is when they have been previously convicted or received deferred adjudication on a misdemeanor family violence. And then they are subsequently arrested and charged for a domestic violence offense. And so, because of that first conviction, or deferred adjudication, their charge is now being enhanced to a felony domestic violence case. Another time that you will typically see people charged with a felony family violence case, is what we call a felony strangulation case; a family violence strangulation case. And what that is when you are accused of impeding somebody’s airway or their circulation of their blood; we refer to that as a strangulation case. And the prosecution takes those cases extremely seriously, because those are times when you see people get seriously injured, or possibly killed.”

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