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Impacts of a ‘Family Violence Finding’ in Domestic Violence Cases

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains the long term impact that the additional ‘Family Violence Finding’ ruling has in Domestic Violence cases.

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Transcription below:

“One thing that is unique to domestic and family violence cases, is what we call a Family Violence Finding or an FVF. And what that means is that if you are found guilty and a judge has entered a Family Violence Finding against you, you can never own or posses a firearm or ammunition for the rest of your life. That would be a violation of both federal and state law, if you were to be found with a firearm or ammunition. And that’s unique to family violence cases. Depending on the outcome of a family violence case, that could leave someone ineligible to ever come back and expunge or seal their criminal records. Texas law states that if you were convicted or you received deferred adjudication in a family violence case, you are ineligible to expunge or seal your record.”

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