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Domestic Violence case Trial vs Taking a Deal Explained

Texas Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains his reasons for either agreeing to a deal or battling a Domestic Violence case in Trial.

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Transcription below:
“When preparing the defense of a domestic violence case, you are always looking at negotiating the best possible outcome for your client. As well as, preparing to take the case to trial to defend your client before a judge or a jury, if that is the way we decide to proceed. At some point during the case, my client and I may be in a position to where we’re trying to decide whether we want to accept a deal from the prosecution or do we want to take that case to trial. Ultimately, It’s my client’s decision, and what’s important is when they’re making that decision, that they are getting honest and accurate guidance from someone that they can trust. I will always try to be honest with my clients, and forthcoming with my clients, transparent with my clients; so that when I say something or give them my advise, they trust that I’m looking out for their best interest. When deciding whether to take a case to trial, we have to weight what we think is in my client’s best interest. If we go to trial, do we think we would get something better than we would be getting by making a deal with the prosecution. Although that question is, in every case, the answer’s going to be different for every case. Knowing the facts of my client’s case and being able to advise them based on my experience, ‘Here’s what I think could happen if we continue to push this towards trial.. This is what I believe is a very likely outcome, versus, if we accept the prosecution’s deal. Is this the result that we want?’ Is this something we can live with? Are we happy with this result?”

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