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Defense against Unlawful Detention in Drug related cases

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, shares the impact that unlawful detention, during a traffic stop, has in drug related cases. If he finds that you were detained for a prolonged period of time, your Drug Offense could be deemed inadmissible.

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Transcription below:

“Sometimes people associate a drug arrest following a traffic stop, as something where a drug-dog was called to the scene, and there’s a search by that drug-dog. And in the case that there is a drug-dog search of a vehicle, the first thing that we are always going to look at is the detention, and the length of the detention – How long my client was detained for? How long did it take for the K-9 officer to show up? Because if my client was unlawfully detained for a prolonged period of time, that’s possibly an unlawful search.”

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