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Benefits of a Supportive Alleged Victim in Domestic Violence cases

Austin, TX Attorney, Kevin Bennett, explains the benefit of having a supportive alleged victim who does not wish to prosecute and how he would navigate your case, if they did wish to prosecute.

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Transcription below:

“When I represent my client, who is considered the defendant in their domestic violence case, there’s also going to be what we call, an alleged victim. And, the prosecution, they will always call that person a victim, but I refer to that person as an alleged victim, because that has not been proven yet. And, in any case, I will always want to know what the alleged victim wants to see happen in the case. Are they going to be supportive of my client? Are they wanting my client prosecuted? Are they willing to sign what we call an Affidavit of Non-Prosecution? That’s just a legal document stating, ‘I don’t want the case prosecuted, I don’t want to be a witness in the case.’ And they’re under no obligation to sign that, but if they are willing to do so, that could be of benefit to my client. I would much rather have an alleged victim that is supportive of my client than someone that is not. I’ve represented many people where the alleged victim wants the case prosecuted, and my job is to help find a way to convince a prosecutor not to prosecute that case. And I’ve also had clients where the alleged victim does not want the case prosecuted, but the state picks up the charges, and they do prosecute my client. And my job is also to find a way to convince the prosecution to not prosecute my client. Do not send them to jail. Do not take away their freedom. Do not take them away from their family and their loved ones.”

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