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Increase in Prescription Drug Fraud Cases

Prescription Drug Fraud On the Rise On July 13, 2017, federal officials announced that they were filing charges against more than 400 individuals for their roles in multiple fraud schemes involving about $1.3 billion in false Medicare billings. According to the FBI, the coordinated nationwide sweep by more than 1,000 law enforcement personnel—operating as part…
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Laws Regarding Synthetic Marijuana in Texas

What are the Laws Regarding Synthetic Marijuana in Texas? In recent years there have been many forms of synthetic marijuana created and marketed as “herbal incense” or “herbal smoking blends.” These compounds are considered designer drugs, and were created to have the same psychoactive effects as marijuana while still being legal. Synthetic marijuana has since…
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Potential Defenses in a Texas Marijuana Case

What are Potential Defenses in a Texas Marijuana Case? While many states in the country have recently legalized both medical and recreational marijuana possession and use, Texas is not one of them. As with any other drug crimes, people who are accused of possessing, growing, selling, or trafficking marijuana are subject to serious legal sanctions….
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