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What are the Laws Regarding Synthetic Marijuana in Texas?

In recent years there have been many forms of synthetic marijuana created and marketed as “herbal incense” or “herbal smoking blends.” These compounds are considered designer drugs, and were created to have the same psychoactive effects as marijuana while still being legal. Synthetic marijuana has since been made illegal by both Texas and federal law, and the consequences associated with the possession of synthetic marijuana products are similar to those that can result from the possession of traditional marijuana. While some people may believe that the penalties that can be imposed in a synthetic marijuana case are relatively minor, in reality they can involve significant fines, probation, and even jail time. As a result, it is extremely important for anyone who has been accused of possessing synthetic marijuana to discuss their case with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Penalties Associated with Synthetic Marijuana Products

In 2011, Texas Senate Bill 331 went into effect, which added synthetic marijuana products to the Texas Controlled Substances Act. This led to many sellers of synthetic marijuana to avoid prosecution by slightly altering the chemical compounds in the makeup of K2. However, on Sept 1, 2015, the State of Texas banned the constantly changing substances used to create K2. The penalties authorized with the possession of synthetic marijuana depend on the amount possessed, but can be as severe as fines of $50,000 and life imprisonment. Consequently, it is extremely important that people who are facing a Texas synthetic marijuana case mount the strongest legal defense possible. There are many ways that an experienced lawyer may be able to defend in a synthetic marijuana possession case, including the following:

• Challenging the results of any lab analysis that was conducted
• Calling into question the veracity of the police report or any testimony against you
• Challenging the way in which law enforcement investigated you based on 4th Amendment violations
• Calling attention to any procedural problems with the way the state filed its case against you
• Introducing evidence that tends to cast doubt on one or more elements of the crime with which you are charged

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Because of the potentially significant penalties you may be facing in a synthetic marijuana possession case, you should retain an attorney as soon as you can. To schedule a free consultation with Texas criminal defense lawyer Kevin Bennett, call our office today at (512) 476-4626.

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