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Self Defense Assault Cases

The issue of self defense in an assault case is an issue that police often overlook or do not thoroughly investigate when deciding to make an arrest.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I have represented many people who have been arrested for assault or domestic violence in Austin.  Oftentimes, during an initial consultation with a potential client, I am surprised to find out just how little police investigation was done before deciding to make an arrest.

It is critical to understand, that just because someone has been arrested for or charged with assault or assault family violence, this does not mean that they are guilty or that they should plead guilty in their assault case.

An assault charge can be the result of many things, a misunderstanding, a heated argument, or maybe simply because someone  lied about what happened. A skilled criminal lawyer will be able to examine the issue of self defense in an assault case, as it is one of the most common defenses utilized by defense lawyers in Austin.

Defenses in an Assault Case in Texas

Although self defense is probably the most common defense in an assault case, there are typically a variety of ways in which a good Austin criminal defense lawyer can successfully defend their clients against an assault causing bodily injury charge or in a domestic violence case.

Texas recognizes many defenses, including:

  • Self defense
  • Mutual Combat
  • Defense of others
  • Alibi Defense
  • Defense of property
  • Prevention of a crime
  • Consent

By utilizing these kinds of defenses, a good criminal defense attorney may be able to help you get your assault charges dropped or reduced.

Austin Assault Lawyer

If you have been arrested in Austin for assault or assault causing bodily injury to a family member, it is critical that you seek legal counsel. If you are confused or unsure how to proceed, please call Attorney Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. You may also contact us through email.

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