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Domestic Violence in Austin

In Austin, police officers are very quick to arrest someone for assault if they are called to the scene of a possible domestic violence situation. Unfortunately, police officers often times make an arrest for domestic or family violence, with little to no investigation.

After the arrest, the case will then be turned over to to the prosecutor’s office. If the assault case is a misdemeanor, the case will be prosecuted by the Travis County Attorney’s Office. If  the case is classified as a felony, it will be prosecuted by the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

Whether a felony or a misdemeanor, Austin prosecutors take assault and domestic violence cases very seriously and they will not “drop the charges” simply because a victim does not want to press charges. If you have been arrested or charged with assault or domestic violence, you should speak to an Austin domestic violence lawyer immediately. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett provides skilled legal representation in felony and misdemeanor domestic cases on a regular basis.

Domestic Violence in Texas

Under Texas law, it takes little more than a mere accusation of assault or injury for someone to be arrested and for family violence charges to be filed. Once the police are called to the scene of a possible domestic violence situation, someone is almost always going to jail. Unfortunately, it is a rare occasion when the police do not arrest somebody when it appears to them that there has at least been a heated argument. It is typical “CYA.” The officers do not want to leave the scene of a suspected domestic violence situation with both parties still present; as there remains a strong possibility that the fight could resume or even escalate after the officers left and someone could end up seriously injured or dead.

Austin Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence or assault family violence, you need serious legal representation. The penalties in Texas for domestic violence can be devastating. If you are facing any type of assault charges in Austin, you should call Austin criminal defense lawyer Kevin Bennett to schedule a free consultation. You may contact the Law Office of Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. You may also contact us through email.

Mr. Bennett can help explain the legal process in understandable terms and can help with the expunction and sealing of criminal records, when possible.

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