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Possession of Marijuana Ticket in Texas

I’ve recently received several calls from potential clients who were confused about what to do after receiving a ticket for possession of marijuana in Austin. Tickets for possession of marijuana are a result from a relatively new “cite and release” law that allows police officers to simply “ticket” or “cite” a person for possessing marijuana rather than formally arresting them and taking them to the Travis County Jail. However, it is critical to understand, that if you receive a possession of marijuana ticket in Texas, you still face all of the same consequences and punishment that you would if face if you had been arrested at the time of the incident.

Marijuana Tickets and Texas Law

In 2007 the Texas legislature passed a law that provides law enforcement officers with the discretion to cite and release someone for certain Class A and B misdemeanors, including possession of marijuana. In Travis County, Austin police officers and Travis County Sheriff deputies will often issue individuals tickets for marijuana possession as opposed to making a formal arrest. Instead of being arrested and taken jail, the person cited is released with the promise to appear before a magistrate before a certain date. However, it is usually at this appearance that the person will go through all the normal booking procedures, just as if they had been arrested at the time of the incident. For example, the person will be photographed, have their fingerprints taken and will have to post bond. They also will have to return to court to face the marijuana charge, just as if they had been formally arrested at the time of the incident.

Tickets for Possession of Marijuana

If you have received a ticket in Austin for Possession of Marijuana, your ticket should list a court date by which you must report to court. In Travis County, you must report to Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 by the date on your ticket. Judge Evans will see you, sign a personal bond, and have you report to the bonding office at the Travis County Courthouse.  At bonding your fingerprints and mugshot will be taken as part of the booking process. When you are finished, you will be given a new court date in which you must return. This process usually takes a few hours but can easily last half a day or longer. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and bring something to read.

Austin Possession of Marijuana Ticket Defense

If you have been ticketed with possession of marijuana in Austin, TX and you are confused or unsure how to proceed, please call Austin Attorney Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett offers free legal consultations for drug possession cases in Travis County. You may also contact us through email.

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