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Possession of a Controlled Substance in Texas

In Austin, and throughout the state of Texas, police and prosecutors are extremely aggressive when it comes to prosecuting drug charges such as possession of a controlled substance (POCS). The Texas Health and Safety Code creates five penalty groups that controlled substances are classified under.

The penalties you face for possession of a controlled substance usually depend on the type and amount of the controlled substance. For example, the amount of the controlled substance could be the difference in the case being classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Whether you face a felony or misdemeanor drug crime, our goal will be to have the charges against you dropped or reduced so that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of a conviction.

Defending a Drug Possession Case

There are many ways to defend against a possession of a controlled substance charge in Texas. For example, the element of possession is crucial in a POCS case. Under Texas law, the word “possession” has a very distinct legal definition which can differ from the general understanding of the word. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees legal protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Perhaps the single most important question in any drug crime case is the question of whether the rights of the defendant were violated in obtaining evidence or making the arrest. Many drug cases are dropped on the grounds that the evidence was illegally obtained. A good criminal defense attorney will able to examine all of the evidence in the case and build a solid defense to the possession charge.

Austin Drug Possession Lawyer

Austin Attorney Kevin Bennett is an experienced drug possession defense lawyer who regularly handles POCS and other types of drug cases in Travis County. Kevin Bennett can examine and review the circumstances surrounding your possession of a controlled substance arrest and develop a defense strategy that is unique to the circumstances surrounding your individual case. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett can also help expunge or seal your criminal case, when possible.

If you are confused or unsure how to proceed, please call the Law Office of Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. You may also contact the Law Office of Kevin Bennett through email.

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