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Getting Domestic Assault Charges Dropped

Getting domestic assault charges dropped in Texas is not as simple as most people think. In fact, there seems to be a misconception that an alleged victim can simply decide to “drop” an assault charge. The truth is that an alleged victim is not the one prosecuting the accused defendant in an assault case. Though the State may take an alleged victim’s desires regarding the prosecution of an assault charge into consideration, a prosecutor is in no way bound by what an alleged victim wants to do with the case. In fact, prosecutors will routinely continue with the prosecution of an assault case even when an alleged victim admits that they lied about an assault or admit that they made everything up. This is especially true in cases involving assault causing bodily injury to a family member. Domestic violence cases often make the local and national news due to the allegations of the severity of the violence and because domestic assaults often times lead to one person suffering severe bodily injury or even death.

Aggressive Representation in Austin Domestic Assault Cases

If you are accused of assault in Austin, Texas, you need to seek legal representation immediately. Many people who are accused of domestic assault think that they can “talk” to the police and prevent a possible assault charge being filed against them. They think that if they tell their side of the story, that the police will understand. This is like playing with fire, especially if this is a domestic situation and you are the man in the relationship.

If you have been charged with domestic assault or domestic violence in Austin or Travis County, don’t put your future at risk by incorrectly assuming that a victim can drop the charges. For legal representation during this stressful time, please contact The Law Office of Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. You may also contact us through email.

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