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Do Victims Have to Press Charges for Assault?

While it is possible to get an assault charge dropped in Texas, in almost all cases, a prosecutor will not simply “drop the charges” just because the alleged victim does not want to press charges or prosecute the case. A good criminal defense lawyer will be familiar with Texas assault laws and will be able to work with their client to increase their chances of having an assault charge dropped, dismissed or reduced.

Austin Attorney Kevin Bennett regularly handles misdemeanor and felony assault and assault causing bodily injury to a family member cases in Austin. Mr. Bennett works with his clients to take very specific steps to build a solid defense and to increase the likelihood of getting the assault charge dropped or dismissed. Getting an criminal case dropped or dismissed is the first step towards keeping your criminal record clean. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett also helps clients with expunction and the sealing of criminal records, when possible.

If you have been arrested for assault in Austin or Travis County, you need to contact a defense attorney immediately. Assault cases can be very time sensitive and having a skilled criminal defense lawyer that that is experienced in defending assault cases can make an essential difference in the outcome of a case. Like most criminal cases, assault cases are very fact intensive and usually require an attorney that is dedicated to putting forth the time and effort that is necessary to under the underlying relationship between the defendant an the alleged victim.

If you have been arrested for assault or assault causing bodily injury to a family member and are confused or unsure how to proceed, please call Attorney Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626. You may also contact us through email. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett offers free initial consultations for assault cases in Austin, Texas.

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