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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Kevin Bennett

As an Austin criminal defense lawyer, I strive to provide dedicated criminal defense and legal representation for a wide range of felony and misdemeanor offenses, from DWI to domestic violence, assault and battery to drug cases.

I understand that when it comes to your felony or misdemeanor criminal case, nothing could be more important than putting the matter behind you. However, depending on how your criminal case is resolved, the matter in question could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, many individuals assume that their Austin criminal defense lawyer is going to feel the same way as they do about their pending criminal case(s). However, many defense lawyers carry a large case load or handle a large volume of cases, leaving them very little time to devote to each case. This time crunch often times results in the client having a difficult time getting in touch with their attorney until right before a scheduled court date or even on the day of court itself. This lack of communication or attention may leave you wondering if your defense lawyer actually did any work on your case since the last court date.

Over my career as a criminal defense lawyer, the most rewarding aspect of my job has been my relationships with and the satisfaction of my clients. Nothing feels better to me as a lawyer, or as a person, than building a positive relationship with a client while obtaining an outcome in their case that leaves them satisfied with my help and able to look forward to the future.

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