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If you are a student at the University of Texas at Austin, you may face disciplinary action if accused of a crime or breaking UT policy, on or off campus. If there is a resulting sanction, it could result in suspension of rights and privileges or expulsion. If you face such sanctions, then you are entitled to a hearing. At the hearing, you may have an attorney adviser assisting you.

Adviser for UT Disciplinary Hearings

Kevin Bennett is an Austin criminal defense lawyer who serves as an adviser for UT students facing disciplinary hearings. If you have received a severe sanction, you have a right to a hearing, and you have a right to have an adviser to help you question the evidence and witnesses against you.

As an experienced defense attorney, Kevin Bennett can help you develop strategies and accompany you to your hearing, conferring on the best steps. Call The Law Office of Kevin Bennett today at (512) 476-4626 to set up a free consultation.

In addition to representing students in UT disciplinary hearings, Kevin Bennett can represent them on any criminal charges heard in Travis County courts.

UT Disciplinary Process Information

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UT Disciplinary Policy

The University of Texas at Austin maintains its disciplinary rules in the Institutional Rules on Students Services and Activities, Chapter 11. Section 402 covers academic violations, like cheating and plagiarism. Section 404 covers non-academic violations under “General Misconduct.”

The rules specifically prohibit any violation of federal, state or local law, including MIP, MIC, DWI, drug possession, marijuana possession, assault or sexual assault. Additionally, UT policy forbids possessing firearms on campus, disrupting classes, sexual discrimination, hazing, harassment, gambling, playing in the fountain and other potential accusations.

The University has the power, under its rules, to discipline students for actions that occur on or off campus, in connection with a University event or function, regardless of whether or not there are civil or criminal legal proceedings and, if there are proceedings, regardless of those proceedings’ results.

Sanctions for a violation of UT policy include:

  • Written warning
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Withholding your grades or transcript
  • Withholding your degree
  • Bar against readmission or reenrollment
  • Requirement to drop a class
  • Restitution for damages
  • Suspension of rights and privileges, including the right to participate in athletic or extracurricular activities or living in UT housing
  • Denial of your degree
  • Deferred suspension
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

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Hearings and the Right to a Student Adviser

If accused of an academic violation, the faculty may meet with the student or refer the matter to the Dean of Students. If the student disputes the faculty’s accusation, he or she may take the matter to the Dean of Students. If the student disputes the Dean’s findings, he or she may elect to go to a hearing.

For a non-academic violation, the matter is first heard by the Office of the Dean of Students. If the sanction is suspension of rights and privileges, suspension from the University or expulsion, the student has a right to request a hearing.

A Hearing Officer from the Office of the Dean of Students will adjudicate the hearing. The burden your accusers must meet is proving that, more likely than not, their accusations are true. This is a lesser burden than “beyond reasonable doubt” in a criminal case.

At the hearing, you have a right to an adviser. Your adviser may be an Austin student defense attorney. Your adviser cannot represent you or speak for you, but your adviser can confer with you and give you advice. He can help you determine what to ask and when to object.

Before a hearing, you have a right to see a list of witnesses and all documents that will be presented at the hearing. Your attorney adviser can review this evidence with you and help you develop a strategy.

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Advising UT Students in Disciplinary Hearings

With so much at stake, you could use the assistance of an experienced Austin criminal defense lawyer. Kevin Bennett is a skilled attorney who can serve as your adviser during a UT student disciplinary hearing. The outcome of this hearing could determine whether you will be able to continue in school and pursue your desired future opportunities. Get all the help you can get. Call The Law Office of Kevin Bennett today at (512) 476-4626 to set up a consultation.