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Conditions of Bond

When released from jail on bond, certain conditions often apply. If broken, it can mean that bail is revoked and the accused goes back in jail until the trial. The conditions can serve as a tremendous hindrance on your life, but always provide more freedom than being behind bars.

If you are seeking to help a loved one get out of jail, having an attorney represent him or her in the release process can mean more reasonable conditions on bond.

Conditions of Bond for Travis County Jail Release

Kevin Bennett is an Austin jail release lawyer who can help your loved ones get out of jail. He can seek to negotiate conditions with Travis County that are not overly harsh or obtrusive.  If you’ve received “the call” from a loved one or friend in Travis County Jail, hiring an attorney can be the quickest and cheapest route, and mean the fewest restrictions on that loved one’s immediate future. Call The Law Office of Kevin Bennett today at (512) 476-4626 for help getting your loved one released from jail.

Kevin Bennett is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist with jail release in Travis County, whether your friend or loved one is in the facility on 10th Street or in Del Valle.

Travis County Bond Condition Information

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When Conditions are Set in a Bond

At some point after an individual is arrested and taken to jail, they will appear before a magistrate to have their bail set. At the time that the magistrate sets bail, he or she will also set the type of bond available to the person arrested, as well as the amount.

The person may be released on personal bond, meaning they pay a $20 administrative fee, a cash bond, meaning they pay the full amount of bail set, or a surety bond, meaning they pay a fee to a bail bondsman, who pays the full amount.

Personal bonds are preferable, in most cases. An Austin jail release attorney can help an inmate get released on personal recognizance, which could result in saving thousands of dollars. When considering personal bond or any other type, Judges often look to the recommendation of the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office. In many cases, a person will not be granted a personal bond, or any other, unless they have an attorney.

However, regardless of the type, Judges will usually set a number of conditions that the person must live up to while out on bail. If the person does not meet the conditions, bail may be revoked and the person may be taken back to jail.

Conditions may be attached to personal bonds, surety bonds, which are posted by bail bondsman, as well as cash bonds in cases involving drugs, alcohol, family violence, or any other case where a Judge or Pretrial Services determines a condition to be necessary.

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Types of Bond Conditions in Travis County

Counseling is a common condition for personal bonds, as well as other types. The division may require drug counseling if accused of drug offenses, alcohol counseling for DWI and alcohol-related offenses, and family violence counseling for domestic abuse charges.

Travis County Pretrial Services may also recommend that the person be ordered to not contact the complaining witness or victim. This is different and separate than a protective order.

Pretrial Services may also order that the person being set on bond go through one or more Caseload Program. The Caseload Programs involve regular supervision and mental health supervision.

Another type of Caseload Program is electronic monitoring. The person could be monitored using radio frequencies or Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Travis County is also able to use SCRAM, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, to determine whether the person has ingested any alcohol.

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Helping With Bond Conditions for Travis County Jail Release

If your loved one is in jail, having an Austin jail release lawyer representing that person can help him or her obtain personal bond and seek the best possible conditions on that bond. Kevin Bennett helps clients in Travis County jails with bond and conditions of bond. Call The Law Office of Kevin Bennett today at (512) 476-4626 to set a free consultation.