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Austin Police Department’s DWI Unit

Each year, the DWI unit of the Austin Police Department makes approximately 3.000 DWI arrests. The agency is known for its aggressive stance in investigating DWI cases and making an arrest.

Many of these cases are dropped or reduced to less serious charges such as obstruction of a highway. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in getting your case reduced on the best possible terms.

Attorney for a DWI APD Arrest in Austin, TX

If you were arrested by an officer with Austin Police Department’s DWI Unit, then contact an experienced DWI attorney at The Law Office of Kevin Bennett.

Attorney Kevin Bennett can handle every aspect of the case from the administrative hearing to invalidate the administrative hearing to the criminal case being prosecuted at the courthouse.heard in the courtroom.

Kevin Bennett is experienced in fighting the breath test, the blood test, and the refusal to submit to breath test or blood testing. Whether this is your first DWI, or a second or third offense, Kevin Bennett can aggressively fight your case with the goal of getting the charges dropped.

Facts About the Austin Police Department’s DWI Unit

The Austin Police Department’s DWI unit was created in 1998. The officers that comprise the unit have specific training on field sobriety testing, breath testing, blood testing and drug recognition.

The Austin Police Department keeps careful track of the number of DWI arrests made by its offices. In 2016, there were approximately 5,700 DWI arrests. The number of DWI arrests over the past few years were reported as follows:

  • 5,829 DWI Arrests in 2014
  • 6,254 DWI Arrests in 2013
  • 5,911 DWI Arrests in 2012
  • 4,957 DWI Arrests in 2011

DWI Prosecutions in Travis County, TX

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office handles felony DWI cases, while the Travis County Attorney’s Office prosecutes misdemeanors DWI cases.

In Travis County, the Travis County Attorney’s Office prosecuted 7,440 misdemeanor DWI cases in 2013 and 5,546 cases in 2014. In 2014, the Travis County Attorney Office (TCAO) secured DWI convictions on only 64 percent of the cases they prosecuted.

When determining whether to reduce or drop misdemeanor DWI charges, the Travis County Attorney’s Office looks at a variety of factors. Many of the cases are reduced to less charges such as obstruction of a highway. Those factors that can lead to a DWI dismissal or reduction include:

  • the defendant’s criminal history, if any;
  • the defendant’s driving record;
  • the number of prior DWI arrests and/or conviction, if any;
  • the lack of digital or video evidence;
  • a BAC higher than .15;
  • whether any property damage or personal injury occurred;
  • the facts of each individual case that make a “not guilty” verdict more likely.

In 2014, nearly 25% of all DWI cases the TCAO received resulted in a conviction for a different or lesser charge than DWI. One consequence of getting the DWI reduced is avoiding enhanced penalties if a DWI occurs in the future.

Additional Resources

DWI Educational Classes and Intervention Program – Visit the website for Travis County, TX, to learn more about counseling and educational classes for prevent alcohol abuse. Learn more about the Alcohol and Drug (AOD) classes provided by CES including the “State Certified” programs from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The DSHS classes are required by statute for particular offenses. Classes include the 8 hour AOD Education Class (Spanish Only); the 12 hour AOD Education Class; Drug Education; DWI Intervention Program; DWI Education; MIP-MINOR in Possession Program; 8-Hour Marijuana Program; and the Public Intoxication Program.

This article was last updated on Friday, September 15, 2017.